More Flower and Garden Festival prep

Belle and Beast agreed to pose for me. It was fortunate that some powerful lights were upon them. They were snuffed while I was typing this! Um, the lights were snuffed, not Belle and Beast LOL 😉
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Mickey and Minnie chillin’ at the castle

Bunch of rude people here today – it never ceases to amaze me when I’m taking a picture and people have no consciousness that they are walking in front of me or actually posing in my picture. WAKE UP, PEEPS!

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Changing times in the Magic Kingdom

See all those people in orange? They are clustered around the ashtray. That used to be me. I just (2/6) passed my 3 year anniversary of quitting – nope not even a single puff for three whole years. I can’t imagine going back. EVAH.

I have noticed that the number of smoking sections in the parks seem to have dwindled. Let’s hope it’s a trend!

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The “Happiest” Place On Earth?

It’s only 11:20 am and there are already multiple meltdowns happening all around me here in the Magic Kingdom.

Folks, if your kid is of the age to still need a nap, it’s cruel to keep them up late and make them get up early just so you can have your fun and get your money’s worth (dammit). I know this is your vacation of a lifetime and you paid a lot to be here… but if your kid is gonna melt down at 11:20 am due to lack of sleep, maybe you should wait a couple of years till they are old enough to handle it.

This has been a public service announcement from Auntie Tink *~*~*, who hates to see the hollow eyes and the tear-stained cheeks 🙁

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