Your life was just not complete – until now!

Vinylmation pins – start your collection today! Yes, we know – you already collect pins and you already collect Vinylmation. But we’re just not done extracting that last dime from you. So g’wan – you know you want to 😉

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter is over capacity

They are handing out-window-of-time tickets just to get into that part of the park, never mind on the rides. we’re going to get some lunch.

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Shady waiting spot at Universal IOA

Found a abench in the shade to wait, near Guest Services.

it has now been about two hour since I got here and I am only barely inside the park gates.

I am not EVAH waiting on these people again (yeah I know, we’re related so it’s likely I will find myself waiting on them sometime again in the future. A girl can dream.)

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