[VIDEO] Look, up in that tree – it’s “Woody”!

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Pileated Woodpecker at Six Mile Cypress SloughWeek before last, I took a stroll deep into the swamp – the Six Mile Cypress Slough here in Fort Myers – and I heard a familiar sound. After looking around for a bit, I found him. He’s a pileated “Woody” woodpecker, with a ruby red crest on his head. Isn’t he beautiful? What a treat! Actually, I did even better than this – I got about a 10 second video of him before he moved around to the other side of the tree and out of sight. Sorry it isn’t longer, but that’s wildlife for ya – always doing just as they please, leaving us photographers fumbling to get something decent. I hope I see him again sometime when I go back. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Look, up in that tree – it’s “Woody”!”

  1. Pretty big woodpecker. I like the red top on the head. Some people can’t stand the sound of how they peck the tree but I like it though. Thanks for sharing!
    Eat & Drink

  2. Not nearly as obnoxious in behavior as the cartoon one! A beauty with the pointed red plumage atop his/her head. The fast paced rat-a-tat does border on the frenzied, almost like a jackhammer in the tree. But with a bird this attractive, what’s a little tapping noise anyway??

  3. OMG what a beautiful picture! I see them around here now and then but never close enough for a shot like that! WOW!!

  4. I never seen a wood pecker, we don’t have that here in the phils.
    your newest follower, hope you could visit me and follow mah blog, tnx!

  5. I saw my first pileated woodpecker on Sanibel and you could have knocked my socks off! I had NO IDEA that there was a “real” woody but I should have been surprised — I had my first Aha moment about the Disney geniuses when I saw a mule deer and knew it was the model for Bambi’s mother. So many wonders in the world! And the Disney toonists definitely captured the personality of so many of them, including this one!

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