Tropical birds in EPCOT’s Mexico

These are not topiary. They are sort of beaded papier mache only instead of papier, it’s mesh. Mesh mache?

Anyhow, I remember when EPCOT used to turn this area of Mexico into an educational walk through a rain forest. Brightly colored orchids tumbled out of the trees everywhere you looked and the various layers of the ecosystem were explained.

No more. Nowadays, Disney does this festival on the cheap. And a sweatshirt approaches $60 and a Mickey bar is $3.50 *shakes head*

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Interloper in the Butterfly House!

I am more-than-vaguely certain that this is a moth, and therefore it does not really qualify for safe harbor here in the butterfly house.

In general, there is not a lot to see in here beyond the beautifully appointed habiyay that Disney Horticulture has assembled. This is probably because the festival only started two days ago and not a lot of butterflies have hatched yet.

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What a cutie – it’s BOLT!

Been thinking a lot about Bolt lately.

Been thinking how John Travolta infused him with a sort of Zen-like, philosophical pont of view.

Been thinking how I read that he was modeled on a white (Swiss) shepherd.

Been thinking maybe I should get a dog.

Been thinking how white (Swiss) shepherd hair would look, embedded in my blue suede damnsofa.

Been thinking maybe Bolt should come home with me in plushie form only.

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Dear Disney: yer doin’ it wrong

Dear Disney,

I’ve just gone potty and washed my hands. In that order, which is sort of important.

I do not know if you are aware of this, but while most people go potty, many of them do not wash their hands. In ANY order. Therefore, when I am on my way out of the potty room, I do not WANT to pull on any e-coli-infested door handles. Like, ewwww.

So could you please either eliminate the door or else make it so I can swing it OUT with a well-placed elbow or hip as I exit? Appreciate it muchly.


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From the “Sad Sights At Disney” series: OTTERLESS! :(

Where are my friends the otters? They used to live here and now they don’t. I don’t think I’ve seen them in a year, at least.

I love them unconditionally, except when the condition is "gone".

O otters, where art thou? 🙁

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To greatness, they can only aspire

Lesser flamigos. Somehow, it does not seem right to refer to anything as "lesser". It’s like you’re telling them they will be forever inferior, no matter how hard they try.

Let’s have a rebellion against natural science for naming them "lesser". Let’s demand that the name be changed to something like, "learning to get their great on" flamingos. There, that’s not quite as limiting and defeatest as "lesser" 😉

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Disney getting serious about NOT feeding the animals

This card was on my tray from the Flame Tree BBQ at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I get really annoyed when I see people feeding wild animals despite signs plastered everywhere that order thrm NOT to do that. The result of feeding the animals here is evident when one sits down to eat – there are some really aggressive white ibises lying in wait around the tables. They are totally unafraid of people and stalk between diners’ legs underneath the tables searching for food that’s been dropped. They will fly up and land on your table while you are eating – yes, I have seen this happen! They have probably lost some of their "skill and will" to hunt, too. I am glad that Disney is being more assertive about this issue. It’s been a long time coming.

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