One thought on “Beautiful but NOT a running trail”

  1. Thank you so much for your great website! I am working my way through your archives, and I read your trip reports when you got to move to Sanibel! I am so jealous! I have lived land-locked all my life, and my family “thing” is hunting for rocks (agates, in SD). Well, when I have been on beaches, I discovered I have the same thing for shells! I was in Tampa at the beginning of March for business, and we got to take a quick trip out to Clearwater Beach, and I had such a great time shelling there! I had heard of Sanibel before, and when the Travel Channel highlighted the beach a few weeks ago, I decided: THAT is our next vacation! In the meantime, I am going through your mobileadventures archive, am reading SanibelToots, and also Iloveshelling, and living vicariously! Thank you, you have brightened the winter in Colorado! (even though it is trying to be spring and I am watering flowers today)

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