Home of some (reasonably) healthy lunch options at EPCOT

Home of some (reasonably) healthy lunch options at EPCOT, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

Some of you know that I have been meditating and running and trying to follow a more or less low glycemic diet. If you are old, like me ;o) and you want to drop weight, lose the "white food" – sugar, bread (whole grain is ok), potatoes, pasta etc. You know, all the stuff that tastes really GOOD.

For me, losing the white food works! Since I am here at Walt Disney World fairly frequently, I cannot operate under the old (totally delusional) wisdom which states that there are no calories on vacation. So I’m about to check Sunshine Seasons inside Living With The Land to see if I can find something "non-white" for lunch.

Let’s go!
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