Interloper in the Butterfly House!

Interloper in the Butterfly House!, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

I am more-than-vaguely certain that this is a moth, and therefore it does not really qualify for safe harbor here in the butterfly house.

In general, there is not a lot to see in here beyond the beautifully appointed habiyay that Disney Horticulture has assembled. This is probably because the festival only started two days ago and not a lot of butterflies have hatched yet.

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5 thoughts on “Interloper in the Butterfly House!”

  1. Quote from Tink: “the beautifully appointed habiyay that Disney Horticulture has assembled.”

    habiyay? 😀 One of the delightful unintentional typos from yer fast fingers…:D

  2. Beautiful moth.

    So I Googled for you….by Gene Stratton-Porter …it says American novelist and naturalist, was born on a farm in Indiana and became one of Indiana’s best-known authors.I grew up in Indiana with a Mom who’s one nickname was ReadABook and I can’t believe I have NEVER heard of this novel!!

    I’ll have to look for it,it sounds like a nice read.

    Thanks Gail!

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