Magic Kingdom refurb continues

Magic Kingdom refurb continues, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

Hmmm you think maybe that there paint is wet? 😉

There are still walls and facades around the storefronts in the town square and on Main Street USA. I got this picture just in time – two CMs came ’round to take it all down while I ws typing this.

From behind the facades and walls, one can hear hammering and saws. This used to be considered "bad show" – allowing the audience, the guests to glimpse maintenance activities. Just another one of Disney’s customs that has gone by the wayside – probably because it is more expensive to do it off hours and heaven forbid the stockholders should get anything less than more, more, more.


I went into the Exhibition Hall to ask a CM to recycle my camera batteries. He told me that he HOPES the tiny theater will come back, where you could go to take a nap and get out of the heat – and watch cartoons 🙂

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