Maybe it will be blooming in May

Maybe it will be blooming in May, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

Last year, the magnolia trees at Walt Disney World surprised me by not blooming in April, which is when I thought they would based on my experiences in previous years. But last winter was really cold here in Florida, so maybe the trees were sleeping longer than they would normally be dormant.

A nice CM found me sitting on the ground taking this photo and went poking around until she discovered that the tree on the right is a lavender trumpet tree. It is FULL of busy little bees! And quite beautiful.

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One thought on “Maybe it will be blooming in May”

  1. I think we have those pink trees here in TN..they are blooming right now too…I always wondered what they are…I thought maybe the were crab apples but it seems too early for a crab apple to bloom.

    Beautiful picture!

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