Not seeing a “miracle” this time

Not seeing a "miracle" this time, originally uploaded by Erin aka Tink*~*~*.

No hidden Mickey or grilleed cheesus in my food today. Glad I got this, because I might have to be bad for my next fuel break. The Terrace is closed – not the seating part, just the counter service. That’s where they serve a pretty good salad here in the Magic Kingdom.

So if I’m bad, how bad should I be? Casey’s bad? Or bakery bad?

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One thought on “Not seeing a “miracle” this time”

  1. Well, that’s why you are supposed to eat a balanced diet…

    First, you eat something that’s “good” for you – like fruit.

    And then you balance the good, by eating something “bad” for you – like a cinnamon roll.

    Rinse and repeat. 😀

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