3 thoughts on “Toddler girl-illa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. Her name is Lilly.
    But if her name was Lilla – then she be a little Girl-illa-Lilla. 🙂

    There is an interesting Disney Blog post about her, if you care to google it. Slightly developmentally delayed (although exactly what is wrong with this little one is not exactly known) Disney animal experts have designed therapy and are working hard to get her to where she should be. And their efforts are paying off.

  2. @Christa – not quite so hard stalking her now that shes mobile. She does like to lead the crowd over the hill and then run back again, though 😉

    @Mari, great story! I will definitely have to look that up. She’s just like a little toddler human. She will be loping along and for no apparent reason, do a couple of twirls or tumbles just ’cause 🙂 What a sweetie!


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