[video] Safety Tips from the Sorting Hat

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The Sorting Hat (cropped)After long and careful consideration, I have determined that if I could be any character in the world of Harry Potter, I’d like to be The Sorting Hat. I would be able to look into people’s minds and hearts and help them to figure out where they belong (that’s my B.A. in psyche talking 😉 ). And I’d deliver the Sword of Godric to any true Gryffindor whenever they had a need for it.

[pullquote]You must be more than goblin sized; 48 inches tall…[/pullquote]OH – and between bouts of sorting and swording, I’d deliver safety reminders in the queue at “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey”. Not a bad life, eh? 😉

There’s very low light in the queue, plus the least bit of conversation tends to bounce around the cavernous space, but I think if you listen carefully, you’ll be able to hear the entire spiel.

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2 thoughts on “[video] Safety Tips from the Sorting Hat”

  1. I would be Fawkes. Having 6 brothers & sisters, and being the 2nd oldest I’m the peacemaker of the family. I guess I heal all wounds. Sometimes I crash and burn, but I always bounce back bigger & better.

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