4 thoughts on ““Algiers” beach on Sanibel Island”

  1. That pic is right where we were sitting!! I remember that guy with the blue net!! We are staying at Oceans Reach, just got here yesterday evening!!

    I wish I had known….don’t know what you look like so couldn’t ‘holler out’ to you….although, I saw a lady walk by picking up trash, going toward Casa Ybel, and thought to myself…it would be nice if everyone did that….was that you???? Wish I would have known, I would’ve said ‘hey!”

  2. BUSTED! lol, yeah I pick up trash now. I made a commitment to pick up SOMETHING every time I go to the beach. Of course there are others who pick up trash too, so it could have been anyone. Sorry I missed you – are you having a good time?


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