Lily, aka “The Toddler Of Terror”

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Ok, where in Walt Disney World am I right now?There is a place deep in the Pangani Forest of Disney’s Animal Kingdom where mere mortals fear to tread; where unspeakable horrors lurk in the bush; where destruction and mayhem breed. Here, in the heart of the lowland gorilla tribe, we find *cue scary music* LILY, THE TODDLER OF TERROR!

In a rare surge of generosity, Lily and her mom granted an exclusive photo interview to My Mobile Adventures *~*~* this past spring. Let’s take a peek and see what Lily had to say:


“Look! I gots a log. I bet there’s ants and grubs and stuff in there.”


“I gots important business to conduct; if you’re gonna take pictures, you’ll just have to keep up”


“Watch me wrassle this here palmetto (I TOLE you it was important)”


“Hah! TOLE you I would wrassle it. I gots girl-illa powah!”


“Wait, I has an itch…”


“Look I has a tail. Wanna see my butt?”


“Look, I has cuteness. See, here’s my “Oh. My. Goodness!” face. Cute, right?”


“OK, done. You go ‘way now. kthxbai!”

Well, the official portion of the interview was over right then and there. However, through the miracle of modern-day paparazzi-ism, My Mobile Adventures *~*~* is proud to bring you this (not very) exclusive video of the Toddler of Terror, foraging around with her mama. Take it away, Lily!

(Listen – you can hear the Conservation Station train whistling in the background 🙂 )

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4 thoughts on “Lily, aka “The Toddler Of Terror””

  1. I am giggling because when I first saw the title of this post, I thought you were going to share a story from your recent traveling experiences. Instead, it was even better surprise. Love Lily, and love your photos of her!

  2. Somehow, when I try to take video of animals, they decide it’s the perfect time to poo. Every. Single. Time.

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