On Sanibel we go shelling. BUT –

– on Long Island’s north shore, we go rocking 🙂

I wanted some stones I could stack on my desk in a Zen-like manner, so I went to Sunken Meadow State Park and found all these candidates.

There were also some slipper shells, jingle shells, muscles, oysters, an inhabited moon snail that might have been dead but I gave it a second chance, and a couple of very stinky, bug-infested channel whelks. I didn’t collect any of them. I was there for stones 🙂

4 thoughts on “On Sanibel we go shelling. BUT –”

  1. I LOVE your stones! 🙂 Looks liked they’ve been tumbled and tossed for many years. Makes me wonder, just how old they are.

  2. @Mariby, leave it to you to find something odd and interesting!

    @Tootie, we were talking about that – I think Long Island Sound was created by a glacier gouging a depression south of Connecticut and then melting. So those stones have been pushed from Gawd knows where, how many miles, how long it took them to get there, etc!

    And good grief, did I REALLY type “muscles” instead of “mussels”? I think the volley ball-playing lifeguards at the beach made their impact on this blog post woo-hoo!;)


  3. I love the way you have all those cool stones stacked up. Really pretty. Some of those stones are pretty neat looking. I pick up stones too, especially round ones or heart shaped ones. I’ve never heard of Sunken Meadow State Park, but now I’m going to go look it up.

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