Something provocative on Edison’s “Friendship Walk”

Do you see what I see?

Leading up to Edison’s front door from the gate at McGregor Blvd, there are a number of stones lining the path that bear the names of friends and benefactors. They generally all bear the year as well.

This one is inscribed with an additional feature that makes me curious as to what sort of "friends" these people might have been.

Do you see it? I will google this when I get home….

2 thoughts on “Something provocative on Edison’s “Friendship Walk””

  1. Before the Nazi party started using the symbol, it was known as a Native American mark. Sometimes it was used to refer to gypsys as well.

  2. Hey George! Yes, I googled and found a wikipedia article too. I found that the word “swastika” is Sanscrit and it was supposed to be a symbol of good luck in India and China. There are ancient examples of potter, jewelry etc. in nearly every culture that bear some form of this symbol. It’s only the relatively recent association with the Nazi party that gives the symbol a bad rap. I was not able to find any information on who Morehous and Billie Stevens are, so I cannot determine why they chose to use the symbol on their stone in 1932 – but I believe the Nazi party had already been using it for some time prior to that date.


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