Tree of Life vs. The tree from Avatar

Now that the Magic Kingdom will be sporting more than one castle – a condition that has existed for years, by the way, at Disneyland Paris – does that pave the way for Disney’s Animal Kingdom to feature more than one tree? I sure hope so – I loved that tree in "Avatar" and I think it could make a truly magical addition to DAK’s new land.

2 thoughts on “Tree of Life vs. The tree from Avatar”

  1. I haven’t yet seen Avatar, but it is on my list. (Really, it’s on my list – my Christmas list, that is…)

    The only thing I know about Avatar is that it features blue-skinned people. From the perspective of a person who doesn’t know anything else about Avatar, it seems a very, very strange choice for Disney.

  2. Well, not really. The plot, such as it was, had to do with corporate greed mining stuff on another planet, destroying the habitat of the locals, their community, their culture and their spiritual icon, this wonderful tree. So working with that theme, I think it can be a really good fit.


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