iPhone 4S battery usage report (so far)

In the photo you can see how
I am dealing thus far. Today was the first full day of mobile blogging with the new phone and a few friends have tweeted to ask me how it is going.

I took 112 photos so far today, 21 of which were emailed to Flickr/my blog. This was between maybe 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. Then I noticed two things: I was hungry and the iPhone battery only had 30% left. I stopped to eat and plugged the Energi To Go thing in. It’s the $20 model. It gave me another 30% to continue. I left DAK just before the parade to come to EPCOT. The phone was around 58%. I plugged both the phone and the Energi thing into the car charger. In time it took to drive to EPCOT and type this, I got back to 93%. I don’t know how the little Energi brick is doing because the indicator is either red or green and right now it is still red. Maybe I need the $59 Energi model. But overall I am ok with today’s performance.

If you take a lot of pics with your iPhone or use a lot of apps, and you do not drive around WDW then you will need a big Energi brick or other extra power source.