5 thoughts on “Taking a road trip”

  1. Say! You aren’t gonna be seeing those Badelves peeple are ya? Those Badelves peeps are bad! They are real bad! They are just about the biggest, baddest peeps out there! They are so good at being so bad! 😀

  2. Hmmm…pics aren’t appearing on the RSS feed. I’m checking on Outlook and not getting any images. Just an FYI as you were asking.

  3. Thanks – they aren’t appearing on the daily email subscription either. This method of mobile posting with the WordPress app for iPhone posts the photos to my website instead of passing them through Flickr first. Since I have hotlinking disabled on the blog, that means they don’t show up in the feed either. Guess I’m going back to Flickr! Thanks for the heads-up.


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