EPCOT Canada Mystery Shoes ARE BACK!

You probably can’t see them bobbing around on the lower left of the pool,but I can – look for a lugged sole, like a hiking boot or sneaker has. I took some video with my camera zoomed in – will find out tonight if that worked. In the meantime, if anyone can tell me the mystery of the shoes in EPCOT’s Canada pavilion, I’ll be your best friend.

3 thoughts on “EPCOT Canada Mystery Shoes ARE BACK!”

  1. The only thing that I can come up with is it is a Canadian tradition of new shoes on federal (and sometimes provincial) budget day. Here is the Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_shoes_on_budget_day

    The last federal budget came down on March 29 – here is article of the buying of the shoes for that budget: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/1153475–federal-budget-2012-jim-flaherty-plays-down-impact-of-budget-cuts

    That is all that I can come up with, except to note that those who live in Eastern Canada are MUCH more political than those in the West.

  2. I think WordPress put this comment into moderation because it has more than one link in it. I have now liberated it 🙂

    There was a site called “Stupid Guest Tricks” – not sure if it still exists. It’s all Cast Members telling stories anonymously about guest encounters and such. I think I asked the question there and provided a link to my pictures, but no one would tell. Some people left comments telling me that it was a sacred mystery. Ah well. Perhaps I should apply for a job at O, Canada, eh? Then I would be able to know the secret!



  3. lol! If you applied for a job at O, Canada, I’d have to spend more than a few hours with you so that you could ‘pass’ as a Canuck! Take the t-shirt in the adjacent post – there is an immediate response in me to the maple leaf and I recognize and interpret the graphic on the t-shirt immediately as saying “I love Canada”. Not so you, who try to interpret it literally – but vive la difference between nationalities, eh? 😀

    Now as to whether the shoes represent some sort of inside joke referencing Canada OR the culture of (Canadian?) CM’s – it seems that the mystery continues. AFAIK, discarded shoes – other than what I commented on earlier – have no meaning as a Canadian “thing”.

    But next time I am at WDW, I will take a run at striking up a conversation with a CM in Canada about the water shoes, on the outside chance that they might just spill to a fellow citizen. 😀

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