2 thoughts on “Carnage on the beach”

  1. Hi Mobile Adventures, Can you respond with a list of guidelines for shelling? As a shell collector, artist, & Florida resident, I’ve never done any serious shelling. What can I legally harvest and what is protected? Thank you for your guidance, Judy

  2. Hi Judy –

    You will find that the rules are specific to the beach in question. Generally, there are signs in the parking lot that tell you what the rules are, and they cover whether or not pets are allowed, motor vehicles on the beach, alcohol on the beach – and if live shelling is allowed or not. For instance, on Sanibel Island, live shelling is NOT permitted, and it says so on the signs you encounter in the parking lot of each beach. In general – if you are in doubt about what the rules are, and you find a shell that is occupied, don’t harvest it. Just put it back where you found it. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


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