Signs of The Season #SWFL: Starbucks Edition

As the holidays approach, Starbucks always adorns their glass windows and doors with some sort of folk-ish art display. Even the Starbucks at Universal Orlando had Christmas decals, when I was there at Christmas time last year. And I know people who wait impatiently for the red paper holiday coffee cups to appear in the stores.

This is the Starbucks at Colonial and Fowler, in Fort Myers. In case you were wondering, I had a tall, no whip peppermint mocha, child temperature, with half the normal pumps of chocolate and peppermint syrups. Peppermint mocha is available all year long, but I wait until it’s Christmas time to order it. I just seems seasonal to me. I couldn’t possibly have a peppermint mocha in, say, August. It just wouldn’t be right.

Just trawled Amazon to see if they sell Starbucks – they do! They have Starbucks gift cards and coffee and mugs and all sorts of things. Tis the season!