For Snowbird – See Ya Real Soon


In Memory Of

Nancy “Snowbird” Runta

Fellow blogger, Sanibel buddy, fan of the Mouse, lover of wildlife, and wonderful friend.

You will be missed.

“See Ya Real Soon”

4 thoughts on “For Snowbird – See Ya Real Soon”

  1. We never had the pleasure of meeting Nancy in person, but what a wonderful friend and supporter she was to our family. My heart is sad for all who will miss her, especially her grandbabies who loved her so!

  2. Her and I talked about meeting someday…. maybe her visiting Alaska or me Florida. She was such a wonderful woman and I will miss our “conversations” and seeing her garden develop. I am so thankful that she was with her family during this difficult time. I’m so sad that she didn’t get more time with her grandchildren and daughter….

  3. “Snowbird” Nan was my touchstone for Sanibel. Her love and deep devotion for the island and its wildlife left an impression on my soul that will never be erased. Even from her little deck in Periwinkle Park, she chronicled the daily dramas of ‘Donny and Marie’, and every other critter that found its way to her little piece of paradise.

    A few months ago, when I learned she made the move to California for her husband’s health, I felt the sadness inside of leaving the place where your heart belongs. But the love of the one you love is greater than anything, and in hindsight, she was where she needed to be.

    God bless her loved ones, fill them with healing and remembrance of the amazing presence she was on this earth. Rest in peace, dear Nan, you go on in our hearts.
    She Goes On

  4. I had no idea all of this had happened….followed her for so long and we talked about moving to Sanibel….then her posts stopped. I didn’t know she had moved from her beloved Sanibel and Periwinkle park!! So Sorry! Obviously she was sick because she seemed so young!! thank you so much for the update!! She surely will be missed!!

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