Three FUNky facts about the black skimmer

During a recent walk on Bunche Beach in Fort Myers, FL, I observed a
number of black skimmers among a hundred or so birds collected on an
exposed sand bar close to shore. Back at home, I did a little research
about the colorful birds with the freaky beaks. Here are my top 3 FUNky
facts about the black skimmer:

1. There are three different types of skimmer; the black skimmer is the
2. The lower part of the black skimmer’s red and black beak is
significantly longer than the upper part. This enables the birds to
"skim" food off the water as they swoop down low across the surface.
3. The beak is not the only unusual thing about the black skimmer. They
have vertical pupils, which is not unusual in the animal kingdom as a
whole, but it’s unique among birds.

black skimmers bunche beach fort myers florida