Frilly, yet functional – egg capsules of the true tulip

Every so often, the southwest Florida beach comber will run across a
delicate, bouquet like mass tossed upon the beach. If it’s a
particularly frilly-looking mass, chances are pretty good that you’ve
stumbled upon the egg capsules of the true tulip. I found this one on
Bunche Beach in Fort Myers, Florida. Click here for a page that shows a
row of empty true tulip shells – – now,
imagine them smaller than the head of a pin, and encased in a
tough-yet-bendy (something like a finger nail) substance. When you pick
up the mass and shake it, a rattling sounds means that the young snails
are still in there, waiting to hatch. Return it to the beach and let
Mother Nature do her thing. 🙂

egg mass of the true tulip snail, bunche beach, fort myers, florida