Six Mile Cypress parking lot greeter

I parked in a shady spot and strolled across the parking lot to the boardwalk entrance, where I spied an armadillo on a mission. They have the cutest, trumpet-vine shaped ears! Their ears nearly rival the cuteness of hippo ears. He paid me no never mind and continued on with important armadillo matters.

2 thoughts on “Six Mile Cypress parking lot greeter”

  1. I first ran into an armadillo on a moonlit night on Sanibel, post sunset, pitch black heading back to the B.D. on West Gulf. Heard something crashing through the brush as I approached ‘home’, expecting anything from a panther to a gator – and here comes this cute little ambling armadillo, crossing the path, doing its thing. So cute & I had to laugh at my apprehension and sense of drama in the dark.

  2. I have been here in SWFL 7+ years and most of the armadillos I’ve seen have been on the side of the road, feet in the air. After a few years, I learned that armadillos, like possums, can play dead. So maybe I’ve seen more live ones than I originally thought!


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