A Friday Dose of Disney

My brother stayed behind at Saratoga Springs while my sister-in-law and I went to EPCOT. It was hell-hot, so we had some cool drinks and stole as much air conditioning as we could. A foray into Mouse Gear led us to discover that this particular Vera Bradley pattern may not be in such great demand – they were plentiful, if artfully piled.20140606-230203-82923816.jpg

After shopping, we left EPCOT, ditched my car at Saratoga Springs, and took a boat – actually, TWO boats – to Pleasure Island.20140606-230947-83387394.jpg

We met my brother at Paradiso 37 for drinks and dinner. He had these pilsner glasses full of some tropical concoction all ready and waiting for us. We get to keep the glasses! They are good for beer refills any time we come back. 20140606-230946-83386018.jpg

After dinner, I went off on a mission on my own. The new Co-op area (previously Team Mickey) started selling a few new Vera Bradley patterns today. I picked up the hipster style in each pattern, for resale on eBay. I did well with the Midnight With Mickey pattern back in March, and look forward to seeing what I can do with these. The darker pattern on the left is Mickey’s Perfect Petals. I believe the other one is called Bouncing Bouquet.20140606-231221-83541672.jpg

Downtown Disney looks pretty in the dark. People were lined up waiting for Stitch to spit on them. 20140606-233245-84765004.jpg

Here’s the new Starbucks. Will CityWalk have to get a different coffee shop now?


And finally, Characters In Flight against the evening sky; that’s Cirque du Soleil in the background. I boarded the boat behind Paradiso and transferred to another boat at the West Side, which took me back to Saratoga and my car. I may do some more shopping tomorrow morning. Right now, I’m in limp rag doll mode. Good night!