Saturday at EPCOT


The day started out warm and became ridiculous.  I just want to go on record with photographic evidence that I most certainly DID have something resembling a hair style when I walked out the door in the morning.  This is me at the bus stop –


Our main goal on this day was to eat, drink, socialize, be merry, and not have a heat stroke incident.  We had lunch in France, and proceeded to the American Adventure, where we took in Voices of Liberty and the film presentation in cool comfort.  Here’s my favorite quote from the walls in the main hall –


At some point during our World Showcase amble, we stopped in the dense shade under a tree near Italy, and found these beautiful flowers growing beneath it.  We lingered there awhile and hydrated ourselves.


At some point, I checked the weather and found that Bay Lake, FL stood at 100 degrees, “feels like 109”.  I snapped an Instaweather photo for posterity.


We visited Mexico for more cool darkness, stood around in the perpetual twilight drinking margaritas, did the boat ride, and emerged blinking into the harsh heat of a June sub-tropical afternoon once more. We had reservations for later on at the Flying Fish, so we made our way to the International Gateway and took the boat to the Boardwalk, where we whiled away an hour or so at the Belle Vue Room.  Finally at the Fish, here was our main course – an upscale twist on chicken and dumplings.  The Fish NEVER disappoints!


I slept QUITE well last night, after all that food and drink and heat.  Today is supposed to be a Magic Kingdom day, but it will be abbreviated for me, as I must drive home.  Possible we might get on the new train ride – stay tuned!

You can find more photos on Twitter, here:

Ciao for now.