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uh, yep, it’s a bar

Drink Of The Day can happen here! You get them in a glass shaped like a wine glass, which you get to keep. There were, I believe, four colors – blue, amber, green, and red. I did not collect them; would be just more stuff to squeeze into my luggage.

Down the center

Several decks of inside cabins have windows that look down upon the Royal Processional down the center of the ship. There were some parades down this area, on Deck 5, throughout the course of the cruise.

Coming up the gang plank

Was not allowed to take pics between the first security check in and the ship. Here’s one of the lifeboats taken from the gang plank (which is sort a like a skyway between customs and the ship).

Party at the Ramada

After dinner, Mary and I headed out to a different hotel, where a lot of the Lodge Ladies are hanging their hats for the evening. We found them and THIS CARNAGE out by the tiki bar. Sat around swapping family war stories for a few hours.

Trivia questions

Hi vb

The waiter was asking us trivia questions about Forrest Gump. The last question he asked was “Mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by ….”. I thought it might be shoes, but I wasn’t sure. Racking our brains, I finally said to Mary, “you know what, call VB, he probably knows”. So here’s me while Mary is on the phone with VB.

PS – I was right, the answer was “by their shoes”.

Pool from our hotel window

Many of the hotels are set up with a small, three story or so section out front, on top of which is the pool and a walkway across the highway to get to the beach. The hotel tower is behind this section.

Slim pickin’s on the Ft Lauderdale beach

Not a lot in the way of shells. Tide seemed to be coming in, and I didn’t feel like getting soaking wet. Also, I forgot to put my shell-net-on-a-stick in the back of the car before we left, so I was at a real disadvantage. Water surprisingly warm!


There are skyways all over the place between sections of hotels, and between hotels and the beach. You have to cross A1A to get to the beach, so it’s better to have a skyway and then an elevator down to street level than it is to have tourists holding up traffic and possibly going splat in the road.

Highway signage

We’re getting close to Fort Lauderdale here. Deb saw this pic on the blog and thought I was trying to tell her something about highway closures – LOL! I just thought it was a cool piece of signage, with the sun rays on top and all.

Lunch before we go

Kelly came to drop Mary off at my house. After the grand tour and some standing around and bullshitting, Kelly left and Mary and I stopped at the DQ Grill for sustenance before heading out to Alligator Alley.

2007 Lodge Ladies Cruise Starts HERE!

Well, all that’s left to do is take a shower and await the arrival of Mary, my traveling partner in crime for this adventure. Then, away we go!

There are technology challenges to blogging this thing live the way I did for Orlando and Tampa trips. Well, the technology is there, it’s just reported to be slow in one case (the ship’s wi-fi), and prohibitively expensive in another case (my cell carrier’s rates for out of country). Still, the ship does not leave until Monday 5:00 PM Eastern, so there should be some stuff posted between now and then.

See ya real soon!