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Disney’s Yacht Club Resort – Blue Sky Window

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Disney’s Yacht Club Resort – Blue Sky Window

Disney's Yacht Club Blue Sky Window

Standing in front of Disney’s Yacht Club resort (the Boardwalk side of the lobby) on Saturday October 11th 2008, I realized that the round “port hole” window was reflecting the clouds and blue sky behind me.

Monday – back to the salt mines :(

I stayed overnight in Tampa and will work with some colleagues here today before driving the rest of the way home tonight.  Back to reality – ugh!

To those of you who kept me company on this work/play trip to Walt Disney World – many thanks!  I get a charge out of receiving your comments on this blog during the day on the Crackberry.  It’s been great, but now it’s back to work.  See ya real soon!

Mission #1: New Maui Jims – COMPLETE

Mission #1: New Maui Jims – COMPLETE, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

I’d have to go back into the trip report archives to say for sure but I believe I bought my old ones here at Downtown Disney, and that Nieceling was with me. I think that was three or four years ago.

Anyhow, they were scratched up and I wanted woder ones. Here they are! Look out, I be stylin’ now!

Ok, on to the nexy mission…
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The Maui Jim Store on

Funny thing happened…

Funny thing happened…, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

… On the way to the festival center (the old Wonders of Life building gets a workout once a year). I found two more Zyrtec-Ds in my laptop bag last night, so I took one before bed. I was just passing Mission: SPACE and tearing the packet open. You know how it has two plastic bubbles, but there’s only one pill? Well, I threw the wrong half in the trash!!! =8^0.

A nice lady stood guard while I flagged down a security dude to authorize breaking and entering into a trash can ;). And the she gave me some Purell to sanitize the outside of the bubble before breaking it open.

I am relatively safe from sneezles for a while now.
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Sunday – Checkout Day :(

Checkout Day 🙁, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

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This is the saddest under-the -door-spam ever. It is checkout day! I’ll be leaving Disney’s Yacht Club today. Tomorrow, it’s back to reality.

I’ve got a couple of missions to fulfill before leaving Walt Disney World. First, I never took photos of the Food and Wine Festival display at the front entrance of Epcot. This is the only disadvantage of staying at an Epcot resort – you never enter through the front!
Second, I have a sooper sekrit mission to complete in Dowtown Disney on behalf of Chez Bro. Shhh! If you promise not to tell, you can come with me 😉

So, my friends – stick around! After coffee and buggin’ outta here, there are mobile Disney adventures yet to be had!


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“Lost On The Safari”

“Lost On The Safari”, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

Drink from the Dawa Bar, Harambe, Africa, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA, North America, Western Hemisphere, The Earth, The Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe, Infinity.

Bacardi light rum, Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, fruit punch. Comes complete with stiff, environmentally friendly paper straw. Gratuity not included. No assembly required. ;). Yum!
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Blue sky Yacht Club morning in Walt Disney World

Blue sky Yacht Club morning in Walt Disney World, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

Had a liesurely morning, woke up whenever, showered unhurriedly. Now I’m waiting for the bus to Animal Kingdom. Cement headedness continues to be a problem, but the sore throat has thankfully vanished.
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Castle reflected in moat

Castle reflected in moat, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

I got a couple shots with the Canon before the battery finally did what it had been threatening to do all afternoon. Sorry, you have to turn your head – was the only way I could get most of the scenario into the shot. It’s REALLY pretty!

Spectromagic parade is going to start soon, and everything is all roped off – not sure I can get outta here now!
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For Christene

For Christene, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

I risked life and limb, not to mention the wrath of the No Climbing Police, to get this photo.

Looks like a fuschia-yellow hybrid plumeria. It is growing along the side of the Tiki Room, on the way to Pirates of the Carribbean.

And before you ask – no, I did not get a cutting. All the branches are out of reach, even standing on a bench.
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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

I like Alice. She’s a confident child; some would call her a disobedient brat, but I disagree. She’s just one of those kids who is smarter than her age, and therefore bored to tears, looking for adventure. Yes, I definitely understand Alice, even though I’ve no wish to raise an Alice. I do think she needs a cool aunt, however! 😉
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