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The Mysterious Walt Disney World Dolphin

Good morning, peeps and tweeps. It is check-out day, and Walt Disney World seemingly mourns my departure. The day is starting out with a misty gloom. I have coffee and my phone out here on the balcony, and I’m watching the sand-smoothing person ride some contraption back and forth on the Swan’s beach. Soon, I need to go into full bug-out mode so I can check out and head home. But there is still coffee left in my cup, so I think I can hold off on that a few more minutes. :o)

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I smell delicious

I smell delicious, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

The Prada representative was not there so I could not get more samples. Will have to time things better next time

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Time to feed my new EPCOT addiction, which is…

…PRADA! I got some samples when I was here in June, and I’m in love with the stuff!

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