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Farewell, Magic Kingdom

Farewell, Magic Kingdom, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

i must depart, and not just because of the deluge that threatens to transform the Magic Kingdom into sunken ruins. I actually have to work tomorrow! So I need to get back to my room and pack up, because the alarm will ring early. But first, a stop at the bakery on Main Street USA!

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Epcot Flower and Garden Festival – well, except for gardenias and magnolias!

It’s a little late in the season down here in Florida tp be waiting on gardenias and magnolias, but waiting we are. I think maybe the freeze we had during the winter can be blamed. The good news is the orange blossoms smell outrageous 🙂

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Limoncello margarita en Italia (EPCOT) – VERY REFRESHING!

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Snowbird where are you? Baby in distress!

Snowbird where are you? Baby in distress!, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

He fell out of a tree near a mama duck and ducklings. Mama sounded alarm, babies ran behind her. Mama duck pursued, baby bird fluttered across pond, almost drowned!!! I kicked off my shoes, was ready to jump in but he made one, big heroic flutter and made landfall.

Now mama bird has discovered baby is gone, dive-bombs mama duck. i ran and got a CM who got an empty box to capture baby. She got dive-bombed too. Mama bird just won’t let anyone help.

Circle of life…
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LIVE mobile blogging from WDW Sat. 4/24 and Sun 4/25

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Yep, I’m going to Disney World! Arriving Friday after work, so might possibly start with dinner, but otherwise expect posts here at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* starting Saturday 4/24.

I’ll also post unique content on Twitter and on Facebook too.

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