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UPDATED ON 11-01-2008
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If you have ideas for recreation activities in Tampa, please do leave a comment and tell me about it! .

Chez Bro, SIL and Nieceling are making their annual fall trip to Florida, and I’ll be joining them in Tampa for a long weekend.  I’m excited about Busch Gardens because they have opened a new section called “Jungala”, which looks really fun on the commercials.  I’m also going to look for something new to do in the area.  I don’t think Busch Gardens is a 4 day park, and we love the Aquarium but we’ve done it already.  Nieceling is 12, the rest of us are in our 40s.

UPDATE: We are now arriving on November 9th, so one less day.  They are coming from Disney and turns out the 9th is the day their annual passes are no longer good, so the 9th it is.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE ON 11-01-2008:  They are now not arriving until the evening of Sunday November 9th.  NOW what am I going to do with my weekend, hmmm?

Our day at Busch Gardens Tampa

I’ve filled in some explanations for the photos I’ve been blogging all day. Additionally, if you surf over to My Adventures *~*~* , you’ll be able to see more pictures that I’ve uploaded from the Canon.

I think we’re going to the aquarium tomorrow… stay tuned!

A dragon

None of the “real” dragons were out and about, so I had to take a pic of this one.

What a voice!

This girl has an incredibly powerful voice. Why isn’t she on Broadway starring in Dream Girls?

The final story

The final story was about persevering through a flood that destroyed all. The woman telling the story had an amazing voice.

Frogs In Love

The next story was about frogs in love. The animals were very colorful and bright!

The Caterpillar Story

The next story was about bugs; in particular, about a caterpillar who didn’t know what to do with herself. In the end she becomes a butterfly, finding her place.


Can’t see it well, but that’s a peeled, half-eaten banana being carried off by red ants

The first guy told a story about a little monkey playing and growing up in the forest. In the beginning, the little monkey was played by a puppet. When he grew up, he was played by an actor/acrobat.

Katonga – Musical Tales from the Jungle

The premise of this 40 minute show is that there is a Master Story Teller and 4 wannabe master story tellers. They all get to tell their individual stories to see who gets to be elevated to Master. In the end, it is determined that their stories are all connected, and they all become masters.

Tortoises doing the nasty!

We could hardly believe our eyes – and our ears! The male pokes his head in and out and emits these amazing grunts with each thrust. When he was done, he looked like he was smiling, but she didn’t.

A couple of 22 year old hyenas

We were told that today is their 22nd birthday, and that they usually only live in the wild about 12 years. The handlers cleared the lions out of the pen, and placed wrapped birthday “gifts” around, containing food. Then they let the hyenas in. They are a lot bigger than I pictured hyenas, and it was fun to watch them play-fight over the treats.

A "cub"

This lion is a good deal younger than the one in the previous shots. There is a section where there are a jeep and a truck sort of embedded in the plexi glass; if you sit in the cab of the truck, the “cubs” (he’s got a couple of sisters) will jump in the back and look in at you.


There’s a whole section where there are lions on the other side of plexi-glass. They come right up to the glass.

In the barn with the Clydesdales

They also had the donkey from the commercials – the one where the donkey aspires to be a Budweiser Clydesdale.

Did you know that there are no statues of the Clydesdale horse anywhere in the park? Couldn’t find hardly any merchandise with them on it at all!

Festive holiday display at restaurant

These little scarecrows (about as big as a Barbie, but cuter) were really adorable – wish I knew where to get me some. This display was in the lobby of the restaurant.