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Eat At Joe’s

Just down the street from the park is this restaurant on the river. It smelled divine. Will have to try this place next time someone comes down to visit from the frozen north. There’s a quasi-wrap-around porch outside with a good view.

OK, so this concludes my outting to Centennial Park. It gave me the opportunity to post some miles to Shipshape (I’m guesstimating a mile and a half), and it kept me from sitting home and fidgeting because I don’t smoke any more. Day 19, woo hoo!

Play time

Above and below, a couple of play areas for the kiddoodles. Notice the open space; they do fireworks over the river on the 4th of July, and I bet it gets packed with people for that event.

Below, more artsy fartsy stuff – I thought the sky looked cool through the labyrinth of bare branches, seed pods and new green growth.

More sights

Above, we have some amazing cloud formations serving as a backdrop for the majestic high-rises. You can see from the palm tree that there was a fairly good breeze coming in over the water, which was a good thing because it sure was hot today!

Above, some tiled detail of a pavillion, under which there were some women and children setting up a meal on picnic tables, which they’d covered with brightly colored plastic cloths that flapped in the wind.

I only took the picture above because I wanted an excuse to hover nearby and listen to what was going on with reference to the sign below (took that pic surreptitiously). There was a semi-circle of people, probably 20 of them, sitting around discussing the bible. They all apparently brought their own seating, for the semi-circle consisted of a wide variety of stools, camp chairs, beach loungers, and even a few metal folding chairs. It did not feel it right to take their picture while they were at their Sunday worship. But I thought it was pretty cool that they have their services outside in a beautiful setting, and I found their conversation interesting. It was all about what temptation means in this day and age.

I guess it was a low tide

There were some exposed mud flats close to shoreline/promenade. I peered down and saw some fiddler crabs waving in a threatening manner at one another – “look girls, my claw is MUCH bigger than his!” – but no king’s crowns, alas! It would have been pretty easy to clamber down there and retrieve them, had I spied any.

Dontcha just love mangroves? They are so weird! some of them that are just starting out sending down roots sort of look humanoid, but once they get more than two, they don’t spook me out much any more.

Out on the pier

Decided to take a walk out onto one of the fishing piers. On advice of the above signs, did not jump in for a nice swim.

My attempt at artsy fartsy perspective shot.

From under the closer bridge, there is an amazing series of high-rises, standing majestically against the sky. Unfortunately, due to glare, I could not see the screen and chopped off the very tippy top of one of the buildings here.

More artsy fartsy perspective attempt.

Battle of Fort Myers statue

I had to google (yeah that’s a verb now) and found out that Wikipedia calls The Battle of Fort Myers is known as the “southernmost land battle of the Civil War.” Coincidentally, it looks like tomorrow is the 143rd anniversary of the battle!

City Seal and Clock

In keeping with my mood to capture trash can art and such these days, here’s the seal of the City of Fort Myers (above). There’s also an old-fashioned street clock down there, and it was actually keeping the correct time.

More "uncommon friends"

Here’s more of the “Uncommon Friends” fountain. The flowers are part of the sculpture – they’re totally fake! Note there’s a cute little otter statue, too.

Here are some manatees; I looked in the river for some, but didn’t find any.

Three Fort Myers Dudes

Speaking of cute, how ’bout that baby petting the turtle, above? 😀 Below, we have Mo, Larry and Curly – oops, I mean Edison, Ford and Firestone. I passed the Ford and Edison estates on the way home (I took McGregor); I guess that will be another outting I’ll need to take soon.

Florida panthers

Here are some cool statues of panthers, which sadly do no live around here any more. I’ve read that a male panther needs contiguous roaming area of 100 square miles, in which up to 6 females + cubs can also live. We definitely do not have that much contiguous forest any more ’round these parts. This is why they’ve taken down the “panther X-ing” signs on the road to the airport. Anyhow, I like the little baby panther in the last picture below – he’s cute!

Centennial Park, Fort Myers Florida

I needed to get out of the house today to try and walk off cigarette cravings, so I decided that since I’ve been living here nearly two years, it was high time I visited Centennial Park, which is on the Fort Myers waterfront. Above, I’m driving down Hendry Street toward the Caloosahatchie River.

Above, I’m still driving. I’m not sure how many bridges there are, or which one that is, above. It might be the one that’s part of I-75???

I parked in non-metered parking in the post office, which is across the street from this event center. No clue what sort of “events” take place there.