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Pretty bird!

We had a delicious meal! After breakfast, we walked around to check out the birds. One of them can whistle the theme from the Andy Griffith Show!

Another one entertained us by detaching his ring toys and tossing them out of the cage, kind of like a kid will throw stuff out of the play pen just to watch you go fetch it. Repeatedly. Of course, Tootie had to go down and play with him.


It was starting to get light, and we were starting to get hungry. Went back to Gary’s and acquired Tootie, whereupon we all proceeded to Jerry’s for breakfast. There was this silly little mermaid cutout, where you could stand behind it and put your face in the hole for a photo. Gary obliged me, and then Tootie pointed out that the mermaid had crabs…

Illegal maneuvers?

Is it legal to do the “Sanibel Stoop” on Captiva? Here we see Chris, Kim and Tootie all searching with their flashlight for something, anything. Kim actually found TWO fan shells. I found one too, but it was incredibly beat up. Still, first fan shell I ever found. Also found a small whelk, a turban, an apple murex, and a pink auger.

After a while, we all headed back to the car. It was incredibly foggy, and moisture clung thickly to the windows. I wish to report that I kept to the speed limit, made complete stops at the appropriate controlled intersection, and did not put us into a swale or bike path. I, um, had my glasses on.

When we got back to Gary’s, the house kept dripping on us. We basically all put on our PJs, brushed our teeth an hit the sack.

Captiva "cliffs" at Blind Pass, aka Turner Beach

There was a surprise ledge of more than a foot right by the rock jetty, composed nearly entirely of shells. Well, pieces of shells, anyway. This is a rough beach. Things get dashed against the rocks and smashed to bits. The cliff is immediately followed by a sharp slope downward into the water, and the waves were “right there”, so none of us jumped down.

Geeze it’s freakin’ DARK out here!

Circa 1:00 AM, we decided to leave. I took custody of the car keys, and we drove a short distance to Blind Pass. Gary and Tootie keep flashlights in the car for such purposes. We wuz goin’ shell huntin’! To the right, we see the lovely Kim posing next to a sign that explicitly instructs the reader as to the advisability of parking ON the beach. Wisely, I chose to position the vehicle in one of the marked spaces provided.

Tween Water!

Someone ordered me a bottle of Tweenie’s very own water. Chris decided we needed to photograph it a la Food and Wine Festival. Clearly, she appreciates this water as indicated by the upwardly extending (and thoroughly opposable, I am sure) thumb.

The Crow’s Nest

Here we are at The Crow’s Nest. The band was called The Modulators. I thought they were OK. One of the singers was often off-key and/or talk-sung a lot. The crowd seemed to like them ok. They play an ecclectic selection of tropical resort fare.

When you walk into The Crow’s Nest, you come in through a wide front porch. The area in which you enter has a big screen TV where you can sit and watch “the game” – whatever game happens to be going on at the time, I guess. Then there is the bar area with the stage and a small-ish dance floor in front of it, and a section of tables. There is also a back section of tables, which muffles the overly-loud band a bit, and a little patio out back where you can go out and escape the noise or have a smoke. There was a dog tied up out there last night. Lots of people seemed to know this dog; one guy claimed the dog was the mayor of Captiva.

We headed for the back section and took over one end of a very long table. Here’s the gang sans Gary. Those pink-red drinks are called Washington Apple. Very fragrant and tasty. I had a Corona and then switched to water. I’m not a very good drinker, I’m afraid.

Mood lighting

This is a light fixture near the elevator at Tweenie’s. I thought it was pretty cool, so it’s going on the blog.

Stunning array of electronics

I just think it’s a funny commentary on these times. There are three cameras congregating here, and three camera/mobile phones. Four, if you count the one in my hand taking the photo. Where would we be without our toys?

We’re damned cute!

The guest room where Kim and I would bunk for the night is customized for our chillaxin’ pleasure. Please note the Disney’s Finding Nemo night light, as well as a portrait of Kim, Mister Moose and I posing on New Year’s Day. We all look damned cute! There was also a memory foam pillow on my bed. My neck loved it!

Twirly Things

Windcatchers, really. I’d gotten Gary one for Christmas, a round sun-and-moon one that’s flexible, so you can bend it into the shape that zones you out the most. Well, this sparked Gary’s memory, and he came strolling out with a long, twisted one that looks like it’s made of lucite, and has rainbow tint along the edges. Talk about zoning out! You can stare at this thing for hours as it twists and turns on a short length of fishing wire. Below right, the gang relaxes on the back deck, diggin’ the grooviness of it all, man.