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Go, team!

OK, pay attention. I think I just MIGHT get this right! Gary’s from Connecticut. Chris is from Tampa. Kim is from West Virginia. So why are they all wearing the wrong team shirts? Well, apparently the West Virginia Mountaineers defeated UCONN, so Gary had to wear a Mountaineers shirt. The University of South Florida Bulls probably defeated the Mountaineers, so Kim was forced to wear a Bulls shirt. Finally, UCONN must have defeated the Bulls, hence Chris wears a Bulls shirt. Not so confusing, eh? Oh, I think Tootie must be along for the ride with that Mountaineers shirt she’s sportin’… I guess having to wear the other team’s shirt beats having to pay up. For next year, I suggested door mats, i.e., if the Bulls kick UCONN’s butt, Gary sends Chris a UCONN door mat, and she gets to wipe her feet all over it for a year. A bit more subtle, yet ironically sadistic of me, wouldn’t you say? Chris was all like, “eeew, why would I want to advertise UCONN at my front door?”, so I told her to just put it at the back door. Anyhow, I don’t pay any attention to football, so if I’ve gotten this right, it must be the pixie dust!