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Wednesday 12/05/2007: Making my way back through the market to the ship

There were a couple of these cool “living statues” standing around, each with a large coffee can for money to be tossed in.

While I was gone, another ship pulled in alongside the Navigator; it was a Celebrity ship, but I forget the name. I was following behind this very drunk woman who kept hollering, “Ah need a WHEELCHAIR!” as she stumbled along. I met up with Lesia as I made my way between the ships and we went through security together. The wheelchair woman said there was no liquor in her bag to delcare, but plenty inside her – we were cracking up! Lesia and I parted in the elevator, both heading back to our cabins to get cleaned up for dinner.

This would have been absolutely PERFECT if it was a longer excursion. As the tour guides were leading a water balloon toss game on the beach, I kept having visions of Mooses crawling all over that island for some future Moose Meet….

Wednesday 12/05/2007: Time to leave

Too soon, the people from the Navigator of the Seas are being called back to return to the launch. We all troop onto the launch, and we sit there for about 15 minutes while the photographer woman walks around showing everyone their photos. I’m pissed off, cause that’s 15 minutes of my time on the island that they took up. And yes, I did note it on the comment card.

Above, there are some unfriendly looking clouds forming.

The road from the island launch back to the ship SUCKED! I noted this on the comment card, too. I also said that Allejandro rocks, and that he should be given a big, fat raise.

the shells from Passion Island, Cozumel

OK, so not a proper picture – I just took it just now, and didn’t even take them out of the bag, which explains the glare. There’s branch coral in there, too. I’ve not really unpacked all the way. It’s one of my most hated chores – that and emptying the dishwasher and folding/putting away the stuff from the dryer.

Wednesday 12/05/2007: More amenities

Above, we have a little playground for the kiddies. That’s a trampoline in the background.

More little tiki places

You can jump up and down on that yellow floaty thing above, and then slide down the little slide.

OK, enough with the amenities, we’re going shelling again. Allejandro told me that sometime bigger shells come to Passion Island, but it was the wrong time of year, and also the locals will go out and get there first before the tourists do. I still had a wonderful, relaxing time wandering up and down the beach in the shallow, calm water.

Wednesday 12/04/2007: Amenities, or ways they part the tourists with their dollars

I think I should mention that Allejandro spent a bit of time with me at lunch. He saw that I was by myself and decided to plop down and have a chat. I’m pretty much fine by myself, as long-time readers know, but that was awfully nice of him, and I found him to be very personable and kind.

Above we have someone selecting a temporary tattoo from a thick binder of them. I do hope she wasn’t contemplating the decorating of her belly…

Above, the massage-on-the-beach tent

Above: Really cool beds just hanging out on the beach!

Above, hammocks swinging in the quasi-shade

Wednesday 12/04/2007: More tiki stuff and lunch

First, I went shelling. I forgot to mention earlier that while in Fort Lauderdale, there were a bazillion surf shops on the strip, and I stopped into one to get a shell-net-on-a-stick. It was a plastic children’s model, so the handle wasn’t as long as my nets at home, but it did the job. I still can’t believe I forgot it; I have like three of them in the garage, and should have grabbed one and stuck it in the big suitcase, but I forgot. I did, however, remember the mesh bag, so all was not lost. Most of what I found on the beach at Passion Island was exceedingly small, but I found enough of it to fill a small jar – small, as in, about the size of a Yankee Candle sampler.

So, above we have the view from my table at the big tiki hut; after patrolling the shore a bit, I decided I was hungry, and gave the food a try.

You don’t have to hang in the big hut – there are smaller tiki umbrellas dotted around that you can go and have a seat at.

Here’s my lunch. Chicken quessadias (did I spell that right?), and all the fixin’s, plus veggies and fruits. Also, rum punch! My idea of a good meal on a beach day!

Since I was doing this excursion alone (despite the hovering presence of Clarke), I imposed a two drink minimum upon myself. If I’d had some of my sistas with me, I might have indulged more, but I felt the need to keep my wits about me in a strange country, sitting next to a strange if goofy man on the bus…

Wednesday 12/05/2007: Passion Island, Cozumel

My attempt at an artsy fartsy shot, totally no composition to speak of. There was this Mayan archway and they made you stop and get your picture taken whether you wanted to or not. It slowed up the line to get onto the beach! I was behind a couple and asked them if they were going to buy the picture and they said no. So we got our pic taken together, thus speeding up the line a bit.

This is the dining facility. The meal and unlimited rum punch or beer was included in the excursion. There’s Clarke waving at me like I was taking HIS picture. He was such a clown!

Inside the big Tiki Hut. I counted the chairs, it could seat about a hundred people at a time.

The food line.

Wednesday 12/05/2007: Journey to the island launch, continued

Here’s that Carnival ship, I think, getting closer to the port.

Our tour guy’s name was Allejandro, but he said we could call him Alex. He was freakin’ amazing! When we were lining up in the port two by two, he came by, shook each hand, and asked our names. Then while on the bus ride to the launch, he played games with us and remembered EVERY SINGLE damned name of every one of the 40 people on this excursion! I don’t know how he did it. He must have a photographic memory or something.

When we got off the bus, there were two other buses there, so I took a pic of the bus number. I’d rather not come back and get on the wrong bus; I’ll end up on the wrong ship!

Wednesday 12/04/2007: On the way to the island launch

There were a few other cruise ships in the harbor this day. I’m on the bus sitting next to another “single” named Clarke. He was actually there with his family – seems like at least two brothers and one sister, all married. So since he and I had no one to sit with, we lined up together. He was quite amusing, in a goofy sort of way.

A common sight – little tiki huts dotting the beach that ran along the road. Shout out to the Hut Hos!

Well, looky here – the Disney Magic is in port! It was right after this shot that the battery in the Canon started flashing the little red flasher at me, so I put it away and made do with the camera phone for the rest of the excursion.

Wednesday 12/05/2007: Leaving the ship

I had booked an excursion to Passion Island this day. Cozumel is problematic for shell collectors. Most of the island is a marine park, where it is forbidden to remove ANYTHING from the beaches. There must be a boatload of shells just sitting on the beaches, and I knew I would be crying not able to take any home with me, so I booked an excursion to a private island where there are no such rules.

I turned around, and was stunned by the Navigator’s size and good looks, so I had to take a shot.

There’s some sort of construction going on in the port. I heard there was quite a lot of hurricane damage to Cozumel last year, and that the country was well prepared; they had building materials on standby on the mainland, and immediately began rebuilding, so as to minimize loss of tourism dollars.

Here’s the back of the bus that took the excursion to the place where we would catch a boat to the island. SeƱor Frog is cute, is he not? I thought I remembered that the shopping Ladies were planning to meet here later. I had my doubts as to being back in time for that…

Wednesday 12/05/2007: We woke up in Cozumel!

Woke up, stumbled to the balcony, and there we were, already in the port in Cozumel! Ran for the camera… above photo is dedicated to my Sanibuddies at the Tiki Hut!

Tender boats dotted the seascape, but we didn’t need one – we were actually docked.

Above is one of my fave photos of this trip – it just captures the dawn so beautifully!

Another ship approaching the harbor – I think this one is a Carnival ship, but I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong about that.