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Character of the week: Alice

One of my favorite authors has blogged about one of my favorite Disney characters – Alice In Wonderland 🙂 I was kind of surprised, because Paulo Coelho’s Character of the Week is usually one of his own characters from one of his own books. But this week, he chose Alice – and he’s got a few choice quotes from her in his post as well!

Character of the week: Alice « Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

He reminded me of one of my favorite pieces of Disney art work, which is hanging in my “long-ass hallway” (a ridiculously long, empty, bowling alley of a hallway in my home). It’s a series of Disney first day covers, issued by the US Postal Service in 2005. Here’s the part that features Alice. You can tell it was a long time ago by the price of the stamp! I don’t think Disney could have made her any sweeter or prettier, do you?

Alice first day cover

(You can also see the reflection of my fingers on the camera, right around the Anaheim, CA postmark LOL)


Last spring, Alice In Wonderland merchandise was a big presence in Walt Disney World, probably due to the imminent release of the updated version with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. There were all these “flatsy” versions of Alice and her strange pals, including this version of the Cheshire Cat (above).


On a subsequent trip, I ended up purchasing the more conventional Cheshire Cat. He fit quite nicely in my toy chest with the rest of the gang I’ve assembled over the years.

Someone has a sense of humor

And finally – only a few short weeks ago, I was in Once Upon A Toy in Downtown Disney and caught this comical little scene. Someone had posed a leering Cheshire Cat on the arm of the huge Duffy bear that stands in an alcove in that store. Meanwhile, Duffy appears to be placidly unaware that a demented maniac has commandeered his limb. This is the cleverest thing I’ve seen in Disney since the Canadian mystery shoes 😉
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It’s official – I’m sick!  Boy does this suck.  I let myself sleep late and now I’m going in search of brunch.  The sore throat is gone and now we are up to the part where you lie on one side and you get cement on that side of your face.  So you turn over and lie on the other side, and the cement slowly transfers itself to that side.  If you catch it at the right moment, just as it is crossing over, you can probably manage to expel it via Kleenex, but then more cement just comes to take its place.

Even though this pretty much sucks, I’m still going to the Magic Kingdom today.  I will probably take it very easy and just dig the atmosphere and sunshine.  It is 73* here in Orlando at the moment.  Hopefully the weather will remain pleasant.

OK, that’s it for now.  Brunch, and then Magic Kingdom.  See ya real soon!

Where should I eat next at the Food & Wine Festival?

This post is “sticky” – regular blogging will appear below it.  Also, Blogless Thursday is suspended this week because I’m at Walt Disney World!

Where should I eat next?  Help me decide!  There is a short list of cities set up at EPCOT for the Food and Wine Festival that I have NOT yet sampled.  I can probably hit three of them tonight.

Menu is here ==>

I have not yet eaten at –

The Mouse Catch, Barcelona, Vienna, Melbourne, Munich, Bologna, Hops and Barley, Wellington, Marrakesh, Istanbul

And what should I eat and drink when I get there?


What do you do when Disney’s Halloween party event is "all sold out"?

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Disney’s Halloween party is “all sold out”!

Chez Bro (the one I lived with while waiting for my house in Florida to be built) likes to spend his birthday, which is very close to Halloween, in Walt Disney World each year. And for the past 5 or 6 years, he’s been attending “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” at the Magic Kingdom on or about October 31st. I’ve attended the party with them several times, and I enjoyed it.

A couple of days ago, Chez Bro and SIL sent up a distress signal last week that said, “Help, we can’t get tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!” I don’t know the reason, but apparently MNSSHP on the night of October 31st has been sold out for months. This caught SIL by surprise, as she normally calls for tickets around this time each year. Here’s my theory – as the US dollar continues to tank against the Euro and various other global currencies, US vacation destinations such as Orlando become even more appealing to foreign visitors. And it’s not only the vacation that’s appealing. I’ve seen conversations about the exchange rate on Trip Advisor, and other posts there indicating that since the holiday gift-giving season will soon be upon us, the favorable exchange rate is also being leveraged at Orlando’s shopping outlets.

Good news for the Orlando economy, bad news for the availability of accommodations and special event tickets in the parks. SIL has seen lots of MNSSHP tickets on eBay – for $150 each! That’s just crazy. On the surface, one would be surprised that Disney is tolerating the resale of special events tickets for profit, but then again, the auctioning of these tickets for such exhorbitant prices only serves to bolster the air of exclusivity and desirability of entrance to the event. It’s not just about the price to enter the park on these nights. It’s about how much food, drink and merchandise gets sold once the guests are inside the gates. Supply is finite and demand is high, ergo the price will continue to skyrocket as long as people are foolish enough to pay.  

Whatever the reasons for the situation, it is what it is. Unless they want to pay $150 per ticket (they don’t), Chez Bro, SIL and Nieceling will need something else to do on Halloween in Walt Disney World. And so, I started to rattle off a number of things I could think of for them to do in order to celebrate the holiday without attending the party.

A post outlining these alternate Halloween activities is under construction and will appear within a few days. Stay tuned for “Things To Do AT Walt Disney World On Halloween (except THAT!)” 

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EPCOT Lights of Winter (by special request)

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EPCOT Lights of Winter, December 2006

Someone on the Disboards forums remarked that they had never seen the tunnel of holiday lights through which one can walk from Future World into the World Showcase during the holiday season at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT. I knew I had photos somewhere, and I even had a scan of the festival guide (see at left), too!

This holiday display is not only amazing eye candy, it’s a photographer’s dream. I am by no means anything beyond a point-and-shoot type myself, but with the way digital cameras operate today, even I was able to get some pretty cool shots of this wonderous display. I mean, the only thing that’s missing is the snow! Um, NO, I am not wishing a snowstorm on sunny Florida during the holiday season, or any time soon; we get enough freakish weather ’round these parts, thankyouverymuch!

This reminds me, I need to make some hotel reservations for early December, as I’m taking a professional certification exam in Orlando and want to spend the rest of the weekend taking in the holiday decorations at Disney World. Putting that on my To Do list for this weekend.

For those who haven’t seen this before – happy viewing! And I hope you get to experience this yourself sometime, too!

Here’s the whole “tunnel”. You’re looking toward Spaceship Earth/the geosphere, but you cannot see it because it is DARK! 😀
Here’s a side view, with the reflection in the lagoon that I was talking about in my post on the Dis. In this view, you can see that the “tunnel” is really a series of arches strung together along the walkway from Future World into World Showcase.
Finally, my favorite shot! This photo becomes my desktop wallpaper around the holidays. I think I will have to re-take the photo this year, because the Hand Of Mickey has been taken down, so it will be a whole different shot now.

Does anyone else have photos of holiday lights at any of the Disney parks? I’d love to see them! Please leave a link in the comments so I can check out your photos. Thanks!

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