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Cute critters at the Animal Kingdom

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a must-do for me when I go to Walt Disney World, even more so than the Magic Kingdom. I guess I’m not so much a character geek as I am a critter geek ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are a couple of favorites from my October visit to the World.


This is the endangered cotton-top tamarin of South and Central America. You can sometimes find them scampering in a little tree near the big “Tree Of Life” sign where the Discovery Island pathways start. I hadn’t seen one there in a very long time, so I was delighted with the encounter. I wonder what he sees up there?

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As if there weren’t enough happiness in my world already, having spied a tamarin for the first time in ages, I then came upon a sleeping pile of otters. These are my FAVORITE critters on the planet, and like the tamarins, they had been MIA during my frequent visits for quite some time. So glad to see them back! Would you look at that face? What’s not to love? ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

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Jiminy Cricket

Where character meets critter ๐Ÿ˜‰ – this is my friend Jiminy Cricket. I found his cousin in a swamp a few weeks ago, while I was field tripping with my Florida Master Naturalist class. I’ll post a photo of him at some point. In the meantime, if you are headed to Walt Disney World, you can find Jiminy hanging out at Conservation Station in the Animal Kingdom

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Tinker Bell’s friend Lizzy

Tinker Bell’s friend Lizzy, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*.

I think I am turning into my grandmother, God rest her soul. Nanny was quite devoted, in her later years, to a Cabbage Patch doll, which she officially adopted with paperwork and everything. I am probably similarly destined to become a doll-devotional.

I have never even seen the Disney film in which my beloved Tinker Bell and this "Lizzy" become BFFs, yet I rescued this doll from a lonely fate. For months and months, she has been languishing on the same shelf in Target, the last of her kind, unpurchased, unloved, unwavering in her green-eyed, wistfully hopeful gaze. Each time I headed down that aisle (and WHY was I headed down a toy aisle, hmm?), I thought for sure she would be gone, happily transported home in the arms of some thrilled little person who would love her to pieces. Each time, although surprised and unhappy to see her in the same spot, I told myself that if she was still there next time, I’d take action.

It’s not right, I tell ya. I have had enough of "next time". NOW is "next time". I had to rescue her.

You would not believe how many friends she’s gonna have to play with here in the house with no children. Someday, I shall do a pictorial on the contents of the toy hamper that lives in my office here at home. In the meantime – welcome home, Lizzy! ๐Ÿ™‚

My Mobile Adventures *~*~* Gets Facelift; Woody’s A Witness

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Anyone who has ever worked under the hood on a website will get this.
So, someone brings a technical glitch-type problem to my attention, and off I go, under the hood to investigate. I try a bunch of things and post to a forum I know of for help and ultimately figure out that the theme I’m using doesn’t support what they all agree I need to do in order to fix the problem.

Now, I’ve been meaning to re-theme My Mobile Adventures *~*~* for quite some time; I’ve wanted more of a magazine look and feel, but other stuff always seems to get prioritized over “re-theme website”. As if by magic Continue Reading…

Character of the week: Alice

One of my favorite authors has blogged about one of my favorite Disney characters – Alice In Wonderland ๐Ÿ™‚ I was kind of surprised, because Paulo Coelho’s Character of the Week is usually one of his own characters from one of his own books. But this week, he chose Alice – and he’s got a few choice quotes from her in his post as well!

Character of the week: Alice ยซ Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

He reminded me of one of my favorite pieces of Disney art work, which is hanging in my “long-ass hallway” (a ridiculously long, empty, bowling alley of a hallway in my home). It’s a series of Disney first day covers, issued by the US Postal Service in 2005. Here’s the part that features Alice. You can tell it was a long time ago by the price of the stamp! I don’t think Disney could have made her any sweeter or prettier, do you?

Alice first day cover

(You can also see the reflection of my fingers on the camera, right around the Anaheim, CA postmark LOL)


Last spring, Alice In Wonderland merchandise was a big presence in Walt Disney World, probably due to the imminent release of the updated version with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. There were all these “flatsy” versions of Alice and her strange pals, including this version of the Cheshire Cat (above).


On a subsequent trip, I ended up purchasing the more conventional Cheshire Cat. He fit quite nicely in my toy chest with the rest of the gang I’ve assembled over the years.

Someone has a sense of humor

And finally – only a few short weeks ago, I was in Once Upon A Toy in Downtown Disney and caught this comical little scene. Someone had posed a leering Cheshire Cat on the arm of the huge Duffy bear that stands in an alcove in that store. Meanwhile, Duffy appears to be placidly unaware that a demented maniac has commandeered his limb. This is the cleverest thing I’ve seen in Disney since the Canadian mystery shoes ๐Ÿ˜‰
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More Disney Characters in RED

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More Disney Characters In RED

A few weeks ago, my Ruby Tuesday entry consisted of some Disney’s Ladies in RED. Well, the post was really popular, and folks seemed to like it so much, I decided to dig around in my photos and see if I could find any other Disney characters that were sportin’ a little RED.

First up is a little guy we all know and love – it’s Pooh! Can’t you just hear him saying, “Oh, bother!” as he floats up, up and away? Can you find the “hidden” Mickey in this photo?

Next up – why, it’s Hook and Smee! Hook is everyone favorite Disney pirate. Okay, he’s not quite as good-looking as Johnny Depp, so maybe he takes a back seat to Captain Jack Sparrow these days. But he’s still quite dashing in his all-CRIMSON ensemble, while the faithful Smee stands by with his fashionable RED headgear. In this photo, I’ve kindly pointed out the “hidden” Mickey.

Our final image was captured at Downtown Disney, in the big World of Disney store, in the room where they sell the pin collections and the watches and such. This is the hand of possibly the earliest of Disney’s “Villains” characters to appear on the silver screen. Snow White premiered in 1938, and it is she for whom the poisoned apple is intended.

“Go on. Go on, have a bite.”

In a few more weeks, I’ll be headed to Walt Disney World in Orlando once again. I’ll be going there with different eyes this time, now that I’ve been playing with photo memes. I’ll be looking for lots of red for Ruby Tuesday and lots of sky for Skywatch Friday. Not to mention, lots and lots of critters, both real and imaginary, for Camera Critters.

Oh, and I’ll be mobile photo blogging a good deal of the time as well! Stay tuned, it’s coming SOON!

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