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More Sanibel Island, post-Tropical Storm Debby

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Egret reflectedI’ve got just a few more pictures to share from my afternoon foray onto the Sanibel Lighthouse Beach, plus some videos that are percolating on YouTube and should be ready shortly.

Here’s the parking lot again, the one closest to the fishing pier. Normally, there are abundant spaces in this lot, but today they are limited by the flood left behind by Tropical Storm Debby.

Chemicals called tannins are exuded from the roots of mangrove trees growing on the beach, which is what gives the water its reddish hue. I thought the reflection of the egret was pretty; wish I’d had something other than an iPhone in my hand, so I could have zoomed, but it is what it is! The reflection from the gnarled trees looks especially spooky in the red-tinged water.

Teaming shores

I thought it curious that so many banded tulips were clustered around these two pen shells. It seems unlikely that they are preparing to feast. Banded tulips would typically go after much smaller fare. Curiouser and curiouser!

Trap set adrift

This trap, which washed up directly in front of the Lighthouse, didn’t appear to have snared anything before coming ashore.

Poor wee turtles :(

Poor wee turtles! Storms are not good for turtle nests. They can change the temperature of the nest, causing the eggs to fail. Storms can compact the sand, making it impossible for hatchlings to dig their way out. They can also remove sand from the nest, exposing the eggs to the elements and to predators. It is not likely that a washed-over nest is viable any more.

OK, here come some videos. SUBSCRIBERS: If you do not see any videos below this sentence, please click through to the blog at

Crossing the causeway, jamming out to No Doubt on the radio. SO, so happy that there’s sun!

A live horse conch rolls around in the surf. I estimate it was about 14″ long. Never get over the shock of what color they actually are, underneath the shell and the dark black periostracum that covers it.

I saved the best for last – unbelievable quantity of live shells in the tidal pool and well above it! I posted it to Facebook; should be visible to all

Hoping to go back again on Thursday and maybe even on Friday, to see what happened to all the live ones – stay tuned!

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*cough* *wheeze* *etc*

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It’s official – I’m sick!  Boy does this suck.  I let myself sleep late and now I’m going in search of brunch.  The sore throat is gone and now we are up to the part where you lie on one side and you get cement on that side of your face.  So you turn over and lie on the other side, and the cement slowly transfers itself to that side.  If you catch it at the right moment, just as it is crossing over, you can probably manage to expel it via Kleenex, but then more cement just comes to take its place.

Even though this pretty much sucks, I’m still going to the Magic Kingdom today.  I will probably take it very easy and just dig the atmosphere and sunshine.  It is 73* here in Orlando at the moment.  Hopefully the weather will remain pleasant.

OK, that’s it for now.  Brunch, and then Magic Kingdom.  See ya real soon!

Other nest

Window on right where other nest is located.
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Oh no – wasps!

I have these in two of the remaining areas to be shuttered. My office window is not going to get shuttered because the wind is wrong to spray the nest and I have no idea if I am allergic to stings or not …I have never been stung. It is between my house and my neighbor's so I think it might be sheltered enough.
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Wordless, Friday June 20th 2008

A Storm Is Brewing
EPCOT, Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida
May 2008

This was an amazing storm. We took cover shortly after I took this photo. It got really dark, really fast!

Standing water in a swale – WOOT!

Check it – all the rain we’ve been (prematurely) getting is starting to pay off. I hope this means we can shortly say goodbye to the deficit.

Fall back, everyone, Daylight Savings Time

My website is messed up because the hosting facility had an outtage and all the Front Page extensions got uninstalled from all the servers. When the reinstall happened, it didn’t go so well, and the advice is to “DELETE YOUR WEBSITE and start over.” So I had to uninstall the extensions and then delete the entire website from the host last night. I kicked off the re-install before turning in (it takes about 4 hours to upload), and woke up this morning to an error message. So now I’ve kicked it off again, and I’m grumpy.

Otherwise, I quite enjoyed waking up in the light rather than in the dark, but DANG – it was only about 49* when I woke up. It has risen to 55*, but in the meantime, I’ve broken out the Mickey Mouse sweats.

My computer changed itself, and the house alarm was already good. I’ve changed the microwave and the stove, and I need to also change my alarm clock, the car, and my watch. Then I will be done with “fall back”. I don’t bother with the VCR or the DVD player unless I’m trying to record something on a timer. I have the TV and all that plugged into a power strip which I keep turned off most of the time. It’s one of my little contributions to living green.