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My First "Fun Monday"

So, there’s this meme called “Fun Monday” which is being hosted by Mariposa this week. Her theme is “Collections”.
You know what’s coming, don’t you?

I have far too much material for just one day of fun, but I’ll try to keep it to maybe 3-4 photos.

FIRST UP: my favorite shell, the horse conch – aka “macaroni and cheese”, because when they are juveniles, that’s what color they are. I was looking around for something around the same size as one of them to put down for scale – hope y’all like Tootsie Pops!

Florida horse conch sea shells found on Sanibel Island.

A juvenile Florida horse conch found on Sanibel Island.

The biggest of those horse conchs was found during my 2005 house hunting trip. In fact, it was the day that I saw this community I’m now living in for the first time, and decided that I would contract to build a house here. If you are interested in reading about the day I found it, there is a report plus a photo of what the horse conch looked like when I first pulled it out of the water (very different!) on my old web site, which is under reconstruction but still read-able if I give you a link like this.

Next up – my second favorite shell, the true tulip. While banded tulips, which I like too, tend to be pastel brownish-pink and gray-colored, true tulips can be a deep red bordering on black and cover the red spectrum all the way through orange and a rusty brown that reminds me of that old, retired Crayola color called “Burnt Sienna”.

True tulip sea shells found on Sanibel Island.

Close up of true tulip sea shells found on Sanibel Island.

I found most of these true tulips at the Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island. Occasionally, I’ve found one somewhere else, but my experience has been that the Lighthouse Beach is the place to find true tulips.

One time, I found lots of true tulips in a strange cache of excellent shells that seemed to be just waiting there for me to find them, near a pylon under the fishing pier. You can read that story here on my old site. That was during the house hunting trip, too.

The other half of these, including the big red one in the upper left of the first photo, were found at the Lighthouse Beach right after a tropical storm named Alberto blew through here in June of 2006. This was about a month after I moved here to Southwest Florida. I couldn’t believe the treasure trove after that storm; you could not help walking on the shells, they were so piled up, right there just to the right of the fishing pier. If you’re interested in that story, you can check it out if you click here. and scroll down to June 14th.

OK, there we have it – a collection of two of my favorite shells.

If anyone else has photos of their shell collections, I’d love to see them! Please feel free to post a comment with a link.

If you want to see some more shell photos, there’s a link in the header to all my blog entries that are tagged “sea shells”.

Bon Appetite!