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I Gots Friends <3

I Gots Friends , originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

As y’all may have surmised from the photos and anguished tweets and blog
posts and such, I had quite the time getting to Walt Disney World tonight.
I was coming from the west Tampa office of the firm for which I toil and I-4
was clogged and crawling all the way to Plant City due to a rush hour crash.
I was a wee bit late meeting my Twistahs ("sistahs" who tweet) and their
hubbys for dinner. When I got there, they presented me with my ChEAR kit,
their treat! Aren’t they the best? πŸ™‚

You see, we are here to cheer for some friends who are running in the Disney
Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. We got wrist bands and some other cool
stuff so we can hang out in the ChEAR zones at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.

I’m excited for all the runners to achieve their goals. And I think I have
the BEST Twistahs in the world


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For “steinbecke”, after her Sanibel vacation

For "steinbecke", after her Sanibel vacation, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 1 Jun ’09, 7.07pm EDT PST

πŸ™‚ To keep you safe on your drive home after spending a month on Sanibel, I’m having your beer for you. It’s the least I could do – anything for a friend.

And in case he’s reading, a shout-out to my fave former “extreme blonde” πŸ˜‰ I think a beer called Beach Bum could only taste this good in Southwest Florida. And the guy on the bottle sorta looks like you circa Spring 1978.

LIVE from Sanibel on Sunday afternoon

Hi everyone! Starting around 2:00 PM Eastern, the usual suspects will gather for lunch and the next episode of The Sunday Sanibel Bar Crawl. Scroll down to see if I’ve started mobile blogging yet. See ya real soon!

NOTE:Β  If it says, “This Video Is Being Processed”, click it anyway – you can view it in Flickr

Wind surfers on the Sanibel Causeway

Wind surfers on the Sanibel Causeway, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 23 Nov ’08, 12.08pm EST PST

Yep, I am making the perilous crossing today over to Sanibel Island. Gonna visit with Tootie for a bit over some hair dye, and then we shall commence bar hopping. Not sure what the cast of Crawlies will be like today, but whomever it is, I’m looking forward to seeing them!

Casa Ybel serves weak drinks

Casa Ybel serves weak drinks, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

Now we’ve moved on – we’re having pina coladas during “happy hour” at the Casa Ybel pool bar, “Coconuts”. There was live music for a while, but we were really too late to catch the whole performance. It’s a shame that the food and drinks are so very expensive here, because the environment is pleasant on a Sunday afternoon.

License plates at the Sanibel Grill

License plates at the Sanibel Grill, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

The flash washed this out a bit – on the right, that’s an Ohio license plate (or tag, depends on where you live) hanging on the wall at the Sanibel Grill. There are lots and lots of plates/tags and other fun signs on the walls there, including signs from the NYC subway.

Sanibel Slacker For A Day

Looks like the technical difficulties I had been experiencing earlier have resolved themselves – all of a sudden, blogging via Flickr works again!Β  So I’m going to start forwarding the photos I posted earlier today that never made it.Β  We had a beautiful day!Β  Sunshine, blue skies, a breeze, and low humidity.Β  Finally met Snowbird and Mr. Snowbird.Β  Of course, it is always a treat to see Gary and Tootie.Β  OK, no further ado – pretend the following posts were mobile and sent in real time πŸ˜‰

BIG pile of sea shells at Blind Pass!

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BIG pile of sea shells at Blind Pass!
NOTE: if you are looking for Skywatch, please scroll down to the next post!

Strategizing with Tootie via email, text, and finally just a plain old phone call last night. We noted that high tide at Blind Pass (between Sanibel Island and Captiva Island) would be more or less midnight, and low tide would be more or less 4:00 AM. Thus was born the idea of a 2:00 AM Booty Raid. We agreed I’d get to the house around 1:15 AM.

Earlier in the evening, it had been determined that Friday after work, Chris would drive down to hang out with me here in Lehigh, and we could drive out to the beach and la di dah all weekend. So I whiled away some of the time by making sure the guest room was dusted and vacuumed, and that it had clean sheets on the bed, and I also cleaned the guest bath and added fresh towels, etc. Texted Chris to let her know what I was doing and got back a “w00t!”

Got in the car at 12:30 AM. Going over the causeway toward Sanibel Island, I realized that not only was it coming off of high tide, but the sea was just FULLER somehow. I guess that is compliments of Hurricane Ike (God bless and save those poor people in Texas), and I wonder how long it will take to recede. Arrived at Gary’s a wee bit too early, but that’s ok because I got to take the tour of the amazing sea shells they’d found the night before. There’s at least one eye-poppingly huge whelk among their treasures, and I got to see some of the incomplete junonias but the whole one was buried in the bucket somewhere. Tootie had gotten some operculums, which she gave to me, and I went back and forth with Gary a bit on whether or not the plural of “operculum” is really “operculii”. At the very least, it made him giggle, so I think I shall say “operculii” from now on. He accuses me of liking and collecting operculii because I like saying the word. There might be some truth to that. I just remember being thrilled the first time I found one and it suddenly dawned on me what it was! I thought it was way too cool for words to find an operculum.

Finally it was time to go. We all piled into the car and made our way down San-Cap Road to Blind Pass. I looked at the clock on the dashboard as we drove; it said 1:38 AM. The tide was still pretty high, and one section of the parking lot was roped off due to storm erosion. I decided to be on the cocky, confident side and left my mesh bags in the car in favor of a large blue bucket. It’s not a sand pail. It is the size for mopping the floor. I wanted to send a strong signal to The Universe that I was prepared to haul in quite a bit of booty as we raided the coast of Santiva.

The pile was MUCH more vast than it had been on Labor Day. It stretched from the rock jetty all the way back to nearly the start of the Sanibel side of the bridge, and it was very wide. The backside of the pile thinned out but still kept going a fair distance toward the bridge. On the surf side, it was like cliffs that dropped abruptly and steeply toward the sea. The waves were not huge, but they were rougher than normal.

Once again, the order of the day for me seemed to be whelks and figs. If pen shells were worth something on the open market, I could have retired on what could have been picked up there last night. Pen shells, pen shells EVERYWHERE. If you dared to wade in the surf, they would pelt you in the shins when a wave came. The other thing that was present in abundance was live cockles. They were just everywhere. If they showed some initiative (chattering, actually pedding about), they got a rescue. Also found several live mac and cheese, banded tulips and whelks – and one LIVE paper fig! I’ve never seen one of those live before.

There was one spot we kept watching as the tide went out. There was some sort of natural split in the pile, about in the middle I guess – certainly, aligned with about the middle of the bridge – and right after that split, there was a spot where you could see stuff in the surf, but you could not really get to it because of the aforementioned shin-pelting that would result if you tried to stand out there and scoop. Those pen shells REALLY become the secret weapons of the sea. It’s her way of saying, “Oh no, you did NOT just try to plunder my booty!” However, it was possible to scurry down there during a receding wave, snatch something, and scramble back up to the relative safety of the top of the pile before getting “shelled” with missiles again. One such time, Gary was able to scoop up a great prize with his claw – a moon snail/shark eye the size of a doorknob! WTG, Gary!

As the tide went out, it dragged stuff off the pile, revealing other stuff, and then it would fling still more stuff back up onto the pile. Tootie found more OPERCULII for me there at the sea-side edge of the pile, and there was a constant fresh supply of figs – figs, figs, everywhere you looked there were figs and more figs! It’s been like this since Hurricane Fay several weeks ago – abundant supplies of paper figs from the Lighthouse all the way out to Blind Pass. It makes you wonder what could have happened out there on the bottom of the sea to cause SO many of one species to die and send their exoskeletons up to the shore for collection.

Finally, we were pretty much done. My bucket was more than half full. At no time did we see the pile last night in daylight, so there are no photos. I think Tootie might have some on her blog from the day before (and you should go there anyhow and see if she has posted a photo of her junonia!).

We piled back into the car and headed back to the house. I did a pee break and headed for home. Put the bucket right in the kitchen sink and added water and bleach. Stripped off salty clothing, showered, and fell into bed at 5:55 am, first setting the clock for 7:30 am. Was online to work by 8:00 am. Have been working on this report between phone calls most of the day.

I don’t have any photos yet. After the shells are clean and laid out to dry, I will photograph them. I have the feeling I need to go buy more bleach….

Birthday tributes

I will be away for my birthday at mid-month, so we celebrated this evening. Doc Ford's shirt for myself; cook book from Gary and Tootie
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Loggerhead sea turtle snatched by Minnesota tourist finally meets Gulf of Mexico

Loggerhead sea turtle snatched by Minnesota tourist finally meets Gulf of Mexico : environment : Marco News

I’m not sure I agree with the decision to levy no repercussions upon the Minnesota tourist. On the one hand, other’s who have committed the same infraction might read it and come forward with their contraband, erstwhile pets; on the other hand, might a well-publicized, hefty fine serve as a deterrent?My friend Tootie has a blog all about her adventures as a volunteer turtle walker on Sanibel Island. You can find her weekly adventures plus a great collection of links about sea turtles by clicking here ===> Turtle Talk With Tootie

I have friends who love me

Had me a dental drama today. Must have been asleep when the florist attempted delivery; found a thing on the doorknob, and went to pick them up. Could not imagine why someone would be sending me flowers. It’s not my birthday or anything like that. Thanks, you two!

The Plumeria Report, Part 1

Here’s the original plumeria that Chris gave me, getting all leafy-greened up. It doesn’t know it yet, but there’s a transplant in its future, to a much larger pot.

The Plumeria Report, Part 2

And here’s the little fellow that Chris brought down in – was it January? I thought it was dead, and Chris herself expressed doubts. However – BEHOLD! for we bring you good tidings of tiny leafage.

Some booty from the weekend (SHELLS!)

Got a text message from Gary around 1:30 am on Sunday (actually, it was 2:30 am, since that was when we “sprang ahead”, but I hadn’t changed my clocks yet). Amazed, actually, that I even heard the cell phone announcing the text message, since I was asleep! Lo and behold, the message said, “Get your ass out here” and showed a photo of a flashlight beam illuminating a mountain of shells!

So I drove out to the beach, stopping at 7-11 for coffee. It was windy, it was cold, there were SHELLS like you wouldn’t believe! We shelled for probably 2.5 hours and then went to Jerry’s for breakfast and to get warm. We came back when it was light out, but by that time our defenses were down – we hadn’t really slept, and we’d been cold for a LONG time, so we decided to pack it in. However, we were glad that we went back because I quickly found about 2/3 of a junonia, just rummaging on the surface of the pile.