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The innards of a car clicker

I put a dime down for scale, because I was very surprised at the battery. I have never seen a squatty little battery like that before. It says it is 12v

I’m going to leave it like this to dry for a couple of days and see if it works again. In the meantime, I did find the spare clicker.

The Culprit

Stoopit &^$%#% leaky bottle!

Why I Am Drying The Contents Of My Wallet Instead Of Drying Shells

Freakin’ water bottle sprung a leak in my little beach backpack!

The clicker for the car doesn’t work now – the little red LED light is on constantly, and I have to use the key, which sets off the freakin’ alarm. There’s a screw on the back of the clicker; I think I shall take it apart and let it dry out and see if it works again.

Thank gawdness, my No. 1 Niece called while I was trawling the beach, or the phone would be trashed too.

I’m thoroughly disgusted. I had a such a nice day, just shopping at my leisure and strolling the beach, and then some nasty ol’ free floating bad karma has to bite me in the ass. UGH!