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We’re damned cute!

The guest room where Kim and I would bunk for the night is customized for our chillaxin’ pleasure. Please note the Disney’s Finding Nemo night light, as well as a portrait of Kim, Mister Moose and I posing on New Year’s Day. We all look damned cute! There was also a memory foam pillow on my bed. My neck loved it!

Thursday 12-06-2007: It was good!

Mister Moose poses here with my lunch. I think most if not all of us ordered the mid-sized grilled lobster tail. I had red beans and rice with mine, and also cole slaw. The dipping sauce was butter, BBQ sauce, and Worchestershire sauce. It was YUMMY! I ended up pouring the sauce over my red beans and rice. We also had some exotic drinks. Debbie wanted to know what the heck a “panty ripper” was, but I don’t think she actually ordered it. Linda and I had Kahlua coladas. I actually had two!

Thursday 12-06-2007: Scenes from Lunch

Here’s the view from our table
That boat actually looks use-able
More view from the table

Deb, Barbara, and Linda. Note that Linda has gotten her hair braided; while they were wandering the town, they met up with a woman who does such things. Barbara and Deb each had a few beads put in, too. Note also that Mister Moose is sitting on the table. His adventures on this cruise are chronicled on his very own blog .

Dental Drama

Mister Moose and I had to go to the dentist to have an extraction. He is being very sweet, and even tied up his own jaw in sympathy. But I think I better take the percocet away from him…

Wednesday 12/05/2007: And now the moment we have all been waiting for….

After dinner, I went to Susan and Sharon’s room for a very special purpose. While I was there, I saw their towel animal du jour, above in the snazzy shades. But this was not my purpose….

I was there to collect MR. MOOSE! Yes, it is finally my turn to take custody of the famous travelling Mr. Moose. I’m so excited! I’m going to take him to Belize with me tomorrow. I’m going to take him to Sanibel Island next weekend when I am back home. But most importantly, I’m taking Mr. Moose to New York over the holidays, and he’s coming with me and my nieces to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway in NYC – yipppeeeee!

After I took custody of Mr. Moose, I went back to the cabin to put him away, and found a stingray, again with chocolate eyes.

Every time I came out of the cabin, I came face to face with this poster from the Rogers & Hammerstein classic, Carousel. I finally had to take a photo of it. Julie Jordan in Carousel was my first non-belting role on stage. I was 21 when I got the part, and turned 22 sometime during the production. I was very proud, for I had worked very hard on my “legit” sound, and it was exciting to play the ingenue for a change. Ah, the memories! Someday I will scan photos of all the shows and operas I’ve performed and post them. Someday.