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VIDEO: Crossing the Sanibel Causeway at sunset

I learned a valuable lesson last Friday evening as I was crossing the Sanibel Causeway at sunset – a dirty windshield is far more visible when the glare of full sunlight is not present! I turned on the radio and got a funky blues pop tune, which seemed to match the mood of the sky. Enjoy 🙂

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I escaped!

Early dismissal from work- let's see, where would YOU go? 😉
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Wordless: Tuesday May 13th 2007

We’re in a Walt Disney World kind of mood this week!

Does anyone else have Disney pictures to share? Leave a comment with your URL, I’d love to see them! 😀

“The Pearly Gates”
Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida
Saturday February 16th, 2008

First rainbow of 2008

As I drove into my own town, it began to sprinkle less than 5 miles from my house. I looked up and saw a double rainbow in the sky, the first I’ve seen in 2008.

The upper level of the double rainbow is starting to fade out.

It really had a nice arc to it! It faded the closer I got to home, and I went inside happy that it was raining for the THIRD day in a row. We’re making progress toward wiping out the deficit and getting out of this drought.

Delswife escapes Maine, goes to join her palm tree

Epic news today amongst the Mooses. Robin, aka Delswife, has escaped from Maine and is relocating to Kissimmee, Florida. Yay, Robin! Someone mentioned that they have GPS in the truck for the drive down.

Ah, GPS.

aka, “the bitch in the trunk” 😆

That’s what I call her. She’s just this disembodied voice that sounds impatient with you when you miss a turn


She says it with a sort of flat and disgusted accent, like Gladys Kravitz on [i]Bewitched[/i]

“reCALculating….” (insert eye roll into that voice)

I’m glad they’ve got the bitch in the trunk. Would hate for them to take a wrong turn out of 20 degree Maine and end up in Canada!

Scenes from monthly visit to Tampa office

So, after we left the Strawberry Festival, I stayed over night in a Sheraton and worked in one of our Tampa facilities on Monday. There’s a pond out back of the building where some wildlife tends to gather. The fishes are rather funny; they get skittish and try to run away if you approach the banks of the pond, making quite a ruckus.

Here’s the Peace River in Charlotte County

And here’s the Caloosahatchee River in Lee County; as I go over this river, I know I’ll be home within the next 10 minutes or so.

Seffner, Florida

The rendezvous is a Hardees in Seffner, Florida on US 92. There’s a sign nearby that says “Plant City 11 miles”. So here I am just waiting on Chris. I didn’t think to take a photo, but the gas at that station is $3.15/gallon for regular. Hearing it will hit $4 this summer….

Florida State Fairgrounds

I never realized I was passing this all these times I’ve taken this road. Good to know where the state fairgrounds are, but I don’t know that I would attend, unless I could coordinate with a day at the Tampa offices like I did this time.

Goin’ to the Strawberry Festival!

OK, so I’m leaving a little later than I said I would. I’m off to meet Christene at the Strawberry Festival, in Plant City, Florida. We’re gonna tramp around and eat strawberries and see the sights, and then we’re gonna go to the Alan Jackson concert in the evening. Let’s go, we’re burnin’ daylight!

That ain’t smog

This was along I-4. I don’t know if it was a wildfire or a controlled burn, but I suspect from the presence of the equipment, it was a controlled burn.

Almost home!


I’m SO grateful to get out of the great frozen tundra (temps in the single digits -sometimes, in the NEGATIVE single digits).

Highway signage

We’re getting close to Fort Lauderdale here. Deb saw this pic on the blog and thought I was trying to tell her something about highway closures – LOL! I just thought it was a cool piece of signage, with the sun rays on top and all.