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Swan sunset

Swan sunset, originally uploaded by Erin *~*~*.

As the sun sets beside the Swan resort, I sit on our balcony and contemplate what to do with my evening. I passed on Party For The Senses because I just can’t do two days in a row of bad-for-you food. But I do need to drink to a friend’s birthday so I will probably venture forth one more time before the evening is through.

Mahi Mahi from the Singapore kiosk at EPCOT

The fish and rice are citrusy and flavorful. I am told by the Cast Member serving that the wine is French, and that there is a large French colony in Singapore. It’s a bit on the sweet side for me. I am holed up an an alcove under the terrace in Japan – the wind from Hurricane Sandy’s outer bands has really picked up and there’s some shelter to be had back here.

VIDEO: #epcot30 Illuminations

A special edition of ILLUMINATIONS: REFLECTIONS OF EARTH was presented at EPCOT in Walt Disney World on the evening of that theme park’s 30the anniversary on October 1st 2012. Here is some really, REALLY primitive video of the event. The show ran 18 minutes long with the extra tribute fireworks, which reverberated in the ears and chest, and scared the heck out of the local flock of ducks (at about 17 minutes, 41 seconds, you’ll see a few of them leaving). We had the EXCELLENT harvest moon alongside the show too, dancing in and out of clouds that flashed frequently with heat lightning. It was nice of Disney to arrange that for us 😉 Hope you all enjoy.

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From the Florida Local kiosk at EPCOT

The Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT has installed a Florida Local kiosk right beside American Adventure. Management is giving them an award at moment and videoing it. The guys at the Florida Local kiosk are really nice and friendly. Drop by if you are in the area!