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My Mobile Adventures *~*~* – Top 20 Posts of 2009

© Copyright 2008 Tink *~*~*

Now that 2010 is almost upon us, it’s time to do a 2009 “Best Of” post. I get a kick out of “fun facts”, so this year I’m taking a statistical point of view. Let’s see what 2009 held!

My Mobile Adventures *~*~* Top 20 Posts of 2009

Posts are ranked according to how many visits they received during the 12-month period ranging from 12/29/2008 – 12/29/2009. Data gathered and presented by the WordPress Stats plugin.

  1. Lego Sculpture at Downtown Disney: The Dragon
  2. Colorful birds from Orlando, Florida
  3. Disney’s Ladies in RED
  4. My Top 5 FUNky Facts About Pelicans
  5. “The Rocks”, Sanibel Island
  6. More Disney Characters in RED
  7. 7 Things To Do In Walt Disney World On Halloween (except THAT!)
  8. “There once was a man from Nantucket…”
  9. Yet More Disney Characters Who Wear RED
  10. My “favorite” Disney red-head
  11. A Disney Dance of the Hours
  12. Of Mice and Mutts
  13. Lighthouse at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
  14. The Empress Lilly, Downtown Disney
  15. Critters on the Castle: Kaa
  16. Sanibel Island beach birds
  17. Frog metamorphosis at Disney
  18. About
  19. Dancing mushrooms from Disney’s Fantasia
  20. Mickey Mouse Chillaxin’ In Paradise



Among my Top 20 Posts of 2009 are four posts which were originally published during 2008.

  • 100% of these posts contain Disney-related content
  • 50% of these posts were created for the Ruby Tuesday meme, and deal with the topic of Disney characters who wear the color red.
  • Dark horse: my “About” page somehow squeaked into the Top 20. Who knew, huh? 😉



  • The Ruby Tuesday meme, created and managed by Mary The Teach, is responsible for prompting 35% of my Top 20 posts.  The runners up are:
    • Camera Critters (Saturdays, 23%)
    • The Wednesday Trifecta (22%)
    • – of the three memes in which I’ve participated in on Wednesdays, Site Meter indicates that it is Outdoor Wednesday, created and managed by Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer, that brings the most visitors.

    • The Monday Trifecta at 9%
    • – Well, it’s actually a bi-fecta now, one of the memes having fallen prey to blogger burnout. None of them stands out as bringing in more traffic than the others.

    THE MORAL OF THE STORY: since I’ve been cutting back on meme participation – it was starting to feel like a “gotta” instead of a “wanna” – I should probably concentrate on my Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday memes, if I want to maintain decent levels of traffic.


    Lots of interesting information about your audience and how they get to your blog each day can be had from Site Meter.

    • Even though I do get a lot of traffic from the photo meme sites themselves, the vast majority of my traffic comes from Google searches. The memes just seem to provide an excellent prompt for what people are searching for.
    • I seem to have hit the nail on the head with several of my post titles in the Top 20. There are many, MANY searches for phrases like “facts about pelicans” and “Disney red characters”.
    • I get a chuckle every time I see that someone has searched on “there once was a man from Nantucket…” 😉
    • Site Meter tells me that I get a lot more visits on the days I mobile blog than I do when I create meme-related posts that are not mobile blogged. This is especially true when I mobile blog from Disney. Visits on mobile blogging days tend to be from fewer unique visitors, yet those unique visitors show up multiple times throughout the day to check for updates. Each post has fewer visitors but collectively they add up for the day to be many more visits than on a regular blogging day.

    THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Services such as Site Meter can provide valuable insight into who your audience is, where they come from, why they’re visiting and why they return. Add to this a little intelligent SEO in post titles and repeat traffic ensues.

    EFFORT COUNTS… sort of!

    It was a difficult year in my day job. I was thrust into something completely new and different and it was a tough row to hoe, for a while there. As the year wore on, my job became more and more carnivorous, devouring my life.


    Here we can see that as the year wore on, less and less posts were making it into the Top 20 for the year. 40% of the Top 20 were posted in the first quarter of the year; 30% in the 2nd quarter and 10% in the 3rd quarter. The 4th quarter is not represented at all.There are a couple of reasons for this:

    • That’s the way it goes when you’re in corporate finance; the last quarter of the fiscal year is challenging and doesn’t leave much time or frankly energy for other endeavors.
    • But to be fair, the posts from the previous quarters and even the previous year have been hanging around longer and had a longer time to rack up search engine traffic.
    • Had I been able to put more effort into blogging as the year wore on – posting every day, visiting other blogs – I might have been able to do better, but realistically, this sort of measurement over a finite period of time renders more recent posts chronologically challenged.

    Now here’s something weird. Despite the traffic appearing to slow down, the number of subscribers I have has been steadily increasing all year. Take a look at these numbers from Feedburner


    Despite not having the personal bandwidth necessary to visit other bloggers as much as I’d like to, I was still able to do a few things to gain exposure:

    • TweetMeme – I put the retweet button on my posts, and occasionally, someone actually pushes it!
    • TwitterFeed – I signed up for this and now every post I make is automatically tweeted
    • PicATheme – “elite” group of photobloggers/meme participants who posted to a group blog (group has since folded). While I was contributing there, I noticed some visitors who followed my link from there
    • – my feed automatically posts there to my very own forum. I get exposure, the owner gets Disney-related content. The fact that it is a forum means I can have conversations with the folks there; a busy thread will draw more and more people in, to see what the buzz is about, and many of them end up clicking through to the blog. If you are a Disney fan, I strongly suggest you check the place out. You will find a nice bunch of folks there to chat with about your favorite obsession. 🙂
    • Facebook – My Mobile Adventures *~*~* launched a fan page at the beginning of August. At this time, I’m not auto-posting there but I want to do that in the future. So far, I have about 70 fans; I have to assume there is some cross-over from my subscriber base, but a lot of them are real life friends and relatives who were not really aware that I blogged until I created the fan page and sent them an invite. So I gained a few subscribers there as well.

    MORAL OF THE STORY: Distribute your feed and mention your URL via multiple means. It all adds up to more exposure, more requests for the feed – more subscribers!


    These are very modest numbers I’ve been describing. Had I not a day job, I would have the time and the energy to devote to creating more valuable content and publicizing the blog more widely, including those all-important fellow blogger connections. However, modest or not, I think the numbers show that taking action makes a positive impact.

    • There are many venues in which to take such actions – Twitter, Facebook, forums are all good places to promote what you’ve got to offer.
    • Use metrics tools like Site Meter and a stats plugin to observe and measure – what’s working, what’s not working, what’s standing still. The numbers tell a story!
    • Use SEO techniques to attract search engine traffic – name your photos and construct your post titles with SEO in mind.

    Even a blog that is “just for fun” can enjoy some success and steady improvement when a few simple actions are taken. I’m looking forward to more of the same in 2010, and I’m also looking forward to hearing about YOUR blogging insights.

    Happy New Year!

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How Disney’s Magic Kingdom Decorates For Halloween

© Copyright 2008 Tink *~*~*
How Disney‘s Magic Kingdom Decorates For Halloween
(a Wordless Wednesday post)

Giant jack-o-lantern at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom


Pumpkin-headed scarecrows on Main Street USA – the bass drummer in the marching band


… and the drum major


Here’s the chef – I think he makes those delicious bakery items…


… and one of the candy-maker ladies from the confectionery.


Around the hub, just in front of the castle, the classic Disney characters show off their “Three Musketeers” Halloween costumes. Here’s Pluto…


… followed by the lovely Princess Minnie Mouse.


Here we have Musketeer Donald Duck, holding a jack-o-lantern that’s been carved with the image of his beloved Daisy Duck.


This final image is dedicated to Debbie In Paradise – feel better soon, my friend!


7 Things To Do In Walt Disney World On Halloween (except THAT!)
What do you do when Disney’s Halloween party event is “all sold out”?

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The Piano Tuner

© Copyright 2008 Tink *~*~*
The Piano Tuner (a Ruby Tuesday post)

The Piano Tuner, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*.

The piano tuner’s truck was parked in someone’s driveway as I was out walking one day. I snapped this pic so I would have the number, as my piano has a few sticky keys. And then I realized it was a good Ruby Tuesday shot! However, I haven’t gotten around to calling yet. Now you will all have something you can use to pester me!

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*cough* *wheeze* *etc*

This post is sticky – scroll down for today’s mobile photo blogging

It’s official – I’m sick!  Boy does this suck.  I let myself sleep late and now I’m going in search of brunch.  The sore throat is gone and now we are up to the part where you lie on one side and you get cement on that side of your face.  So you turn over and lie on the other side, and the cement slowly transfers itself to that side.  If you catch it at the right moment, just as it is crossing over, you can probably manage to expel it via Kleenex, but then more cement just comes to take its place.

Even though this pretty much sucks, I’m still going to the Magic Kingdom today.  I will probably take it very easy and just dig the atmosphere and sunshine.  It is 73* here in Orlando at the moment.  Hopefully the weather will remain pleasant.

OK, that’s it for now.  Brunch, and then Magic Kingdom.  See ya real soon!

First post using crackberry

EDITING AFTERWARD – ok FINALLY I have forced this mofo to post to the blog. I had to do it via email. It doesn’t want to do SMS or MMS like my other phone/account used to. That’s fine, just so long as the posts get here.

I have to mess with it to ensure that the photos arrive in Picasa Web Albums at 600×800 and also that they post here with the good ol’ “s800” instead of “s400” (I just messed with this one to make it 800, but I won’t be able to do that while I’m mobile.

Sacrificing live chicken to the Blogger gods…..
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

The Teach asked a question about photo size

src=””I’m hoping the above line will post as text and not as a photo! This is part of the code from when I posted the photo of the Crackberry the other day.When I mobile blog, the photos are going to show up small, usually. But when I am blogging photos from my computer’s hard drive, I resize them to 800×600 before I upload them. Still, blogger will usually post them small, initially – no matter if I check small, medium or large. I don’t really know why they give you the small, medium or large option if they are just going to post them tiny…. but you can fight back, dammit! :DSee the part in the line of code that says “/s400/” ? After I upload a photo to a post in Blogger, if the photo posted tiny, I edit the post – I switch to the Edit Html tab, find that S400 part, and change the 4 to an 8. That gets them back to the 800×600 that I intendedSee, I selected “large” and it still posted small! But I’m going to change the 4 to an 8 now, and see what happens –Glass bowls filled with sea shells found on Sanibel Island, including true tulips, banded tulips, Florida horse conchs, lightening whelks, king's crowns, moon snail, nutmeg shell, alphabet cone and many others.Now that’s more like it! BTW, these containers of shells are sitting on top of my piano, and that’s a bust of Wagner. I don’t really care an awful lot for Wagner, but he was sitting on my grandfather’s piano my entire life, so when my grandfather passed on, I took old Richard home with me.I hope this explains the photo size thing in Blogger. I don’t really know a lot of Html, but that size thing was driving me batty, so I experimented and eventually figured it out.