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The Plumeria Report, Part 1

Here’s the original plumeria that Chris gave me, getting all leafy-greened up. It doesn’t know it yet, but there’s a transplant in its future, to a much larger pot.

The Plumeria Report, Part 2

And here’s the little fellow that Chris brought down in – was it January? I thought it was dead, and Chris herself expressed doubts. However – BEHOLD! for we bring you good tidings of tiny leafage.


Since the temperature has dropped significantly, I figured I’d better take a photo of the plumeria before all the leaves go bye-bye. This was just a stick with some roots when Chris gave it to me a year ago; now look at it! Mine didn’t bloom like Gary’s did, but I think that’s because his probably gets a fuller day of sun than mine does. I might plant it in the ground soon, or else just get a bigger pot for it and keep it on the lanai.