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Wordless, Monday June 2nd, 2008

Rainbow Over “China”
EPCOT, Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida
May 24th, 2008

Still sick. Haven’t been this sick in a LONG time. I just feel like crapola! But I have to go back to work today, with what shreds of vocal ability that remain. I’ll see if there are any meetings I can move to later in the week.

Enjoy the rainbow!

First rainbow of 2008

As I drove into my own town, it began to sprinkle less than 5 miles from my house. I looked up and saw a double rainbow in the sky, the first I’ve seen in 2008.

The upper level of the double rainbow is starting to fade out.

It really had a nice arc to it! It faded the closer I got to home, and I went inside happy that it was raining for the THIRD day in a row. We’re making progress toward wiping out the deficit and getting out of this drought.

Tuesday 12/04/2007: More wanderings

Above is the Two Poets pub, which is directly across from the Vintages Wine Bar.

Why is Deb getting all Vanna White with a bottle of Amarula Cream?

I bet MUSH can figure out why!

After we sailed out of the rain, we were gifted with a rainbow.