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Yet More Disney Characters Who Wear RED

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IMG_0210-EPCOT-Donald-Duck-topiary πŸ˜€ Is there no end to the number of Disney characters who wear RED? Apparently not! I’ve already documented the phenomenon of Disney characters wearing red quite extensively. Then this evening, while drooling over some old photos from the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival from ‘way back in 2004, I found a couple more Disney characters wearing red, and then fast forwarded to October of that same year to find one more, just because I think three is a nice number of photos to include in any given post πŸ˜‰ This is, of course, in honor of Ruby Tuesday, where once a week, our host Mary encourages us to post a little something to do with the color RED.

Here we see Donald Duck in topiary, his jaunty blue sailor hat and perky RED bow tie standing out from the ivy he’s made of. At his feet, some RED apples; behind him, the RED brick wall that separates The American Adventure pavilion from… um… what’s on the other side of that wall? Oh yeah, Japan! See, it’s been all the way since October since I was last there, and I’m forgetting it all – I need a fix! πŸ˜‰ The trip report I wrote about this day indicates that I spent some time just hanging out at the American Adventure listening to music – the twin brother duo Nelson was there, playing their one pop hit plus all the classics made famous by their more-famous father, Ricky Nelson.

IMG_0240-MK-Parade-PinocchioNow we will fast-forward a few months to November 1st 2004. I was in the Magic Kingdom with Chez Bro and Da Fam (SIL and Nieceling) when the Share A Dream Come True parade came through. Many of the characters are presented inside these snow globes; I found myself hoping that these vehicles came equipped with air conditioning! I hear that it’s really quite hot and stuffy enough inside those costumes without the sun creating a hothouse effect inside the plastic bubble! Inside this particular bubble/snow globe is Pinocchio, who is wearing RED knee britches. If you look real close, you will see Jiminy Cricket hanging from the roof of the globe.

IMG_0070-DAK-Lilo-StitchLast shot – back in time we go to April 2004 again. Here are Lilo and Stitch, waiting to greet what was no doubt a LONG line of autograph-seekers. Stitch is not looking as good as I’ve seen him; that costume just doesn’t seem right to me, maybe a little too baggy, and the head is too small. Or something. There doesn’t look to be anything particularly RED about Stitch. However, the lovely Lilo is modeling a RED Hawaiian print, and has a RED hibiscus bloom adorning her hair. And for my great buddy Christene, both are wearing leis made of plumeria blossoms. While I concede that they are probably not contraband plumeria (and therefore, probably not especially thrilling to Christene, whose tastes run toward contraband), they plumeria none the less πŸ˜‰

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Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade – Red Edition!

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IMG01400-DAK-parade-Brer-Bear‘k, I’m back and so is Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade, coming to you directly from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Yesterday, I presented to you the Blue and Yellow Edition of the parade. Today, I am pleased to present the RED Edition, in honor of Ruby Tuesday.

I’m not really sure what the two fluffy creatures in the foreground of this photo are, but they do add to the fun and festivities. The one on the left has some RED on it – well, it’s suspect, appears to actually be fuchsia – and is also sporting a set of horns on his (her?) head! Dunno what that’s all about. A red deer, perhaps?

The thing that I want you to notice in this photo is the dude in the background. One of Disney’s more rarely glimpsed characters outside the confines of Splash Mountain, that is none other than Brer Bear from an old film called Song of the South. See his hat? RED!

Look, here comes a giant monkey! He’s got some bright yet suspect red-that-might-be-fuchsia on his face… perhaps he is embarrassed? Many of these parade characters were invented by the same woman who designed the “costumes” for the Broadway production of Disney’s The Lion King – Julie Taymor. Β  This monkey, or perhaps the camel or crocodile from The Blue and Yellow Edition, are actually “costumes” that are worn and manipulated by the actors, who give them voices. A few of them are on wheels and many of them are walked around by the actors by means of stilts that are attached to the “costume”. They really are rather ingenius!

Goofy sorta looks like he’s wearing a cowboy outfit, but if he’s a cowboy, what’s he doing hauling around a surfboard (with a red stripe)? He’s also hauling a red, old-fashioned radio, and he’s got a red hat on his head.

Sorry, Donald Duck is wearing red, but he is also a little blurry. Hey, have you ever aimed a Blackberry at a moving parade float and hoped for the best? πŸ˜‰ Well, that’s what you’re witnessing here. Every time I see this parade, I try to figure out what Donald needs that red plunger for. Any guesses? Leave them in the comments!

OK, last but definitely not least, here comes the star of the show, the life of the party! His parade vehicle is red and so is the flag upon it. Ladeeees and gentlemen – jammin’ in the jungle, it’s the mouse, the myth, the legend – MICKEY!


Have you ever before seen so many Disney characters wearing red in one place? Probably here, actually! I have a few previous posts dedicated to Disney characters wearing red which are rather popular.

I hope you all enjoyed the parade. Now you can click your heels together three times – or else, just click your mouse on the red shoes in the badge below – and be transported to the internet home of Mary da Teach, where you will find links that will take you to visit other Ruby Tuesday participants.

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Of Mice and Mutts – Disney’s Flower and Garden Festival

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IMG_4264-Pirates-Donald-Duck-Pluto-topiarySpring is coming, and you know what that means – soon it will be time for the Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT in Walt Disney World! I am positively enamored of the Flower and Garden Festival. I used to be quite the garden geek back in the day, before I moved to a place where I have NO idea what is growing on the side of the road. It’s kind of disconcerting not to be able to identify any of the trees or shrubs or flowers that are in my own front yard! Yet when I go to the Flower and Garden Festival, I can identify stuff, thus re-inflating my sense of self-worth. (Pssst… if by chance I cannot identify it, guess what? They’ve got signs on practically EVERYTHING! πŸ˜‰ )

IMG_4272_crop-Minnie-Mouse-topiarySomewhere in my travels across the internet, I have heard Disney’s character topiaries referred to as “The Chlorophyll Zoo”. Now, it is true that not all of the topiaries you’ll find at Disney World are animals. Just a few weeks ago, I featured topiaries of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and despite Dopey’s big, floppy ears, none of these can be accused of being a critter. Even today’s topiary critters are suspect; they’ve all got some anthropomorphic qualities. Well, all except for Pluto. While Goofy, who is a dog, walks upright and speaks and has “hands” instead of front paws, Pluto, who is also a dog, was introduced in a cartoon short during the 1930s as Mickey Mouse’s puppy! And typically, you will see pluto on all fours. So technically, only one of today’s subjects is actually a critter through and through. The rest of them are suspect :mrgreen:

IMG_4263-Pirate-Goofy-TopiaryBack to the subject of topiaries – often you will find that Disney topiary supplies are offered for sale in Downtown Disney or at the festival itself. The frames can be rather pricey, but if you keep looking online, you can sometimes find a bargain. I’ve seen smaller versions of the ones you see here; I think most of these are taller than I am, and at 5’7″, I am not short. The smaller ones are about two feet high and I hear tell they take quite a bit of sphagnum moss and fishing line to get them set up. I’ve also seen very small table-top sized versions of a Mickey Mouse topiary for sale at the Flower and Garden Festival. The larger ones are started at least a year, if not more, before the Festival at which they debut. There must be a greenhouse somewhere on property with a dozen or so of each character in various stages of it’s life cycle – some just starting, some halfway there, and some ready to take their place in the landscaping of the parks

IMG_4270-Pirate-Mickey-Mouse-topiary The year these photos were taken, the theme was pirates. Peter Pan, Hook, Smee and the pirate ship all graced the front entrance of EPCOT, with Spaceship Earth making an iconic backdrop for the scene. Meanwhile, in the World Showcase Plaza, Mickey and the gang were posed around a “treasure chest” with ivy and golden blossoms spilling out of it. I had my oldest niece with me; it was her graduation gift to be taken to Disney World.

In the middle of this coming May, my very youngest niece, just 4 years old, will be making her first visit to Walt Disney World. I’m not sure she will be paying attention to the topiaries. She’ll be too busy being excited over the prospect of having a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Auntie Tink *~*~* recently sent her a lovely Cinderella costume that she’ll be wearing for her visit to the castle, complete with dainty slippers, tiara, and earrings that don’t pinch but she’s afraid they will, so she won’t try them on πŸ˜‰ Bro. No. 2 says she’ll get over it by time she heads up to the Royal Table. She will be beyond adorable with or without them, I’m sure!

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Todays-Flowers-LogoEDITED Sunday 02-22-2009: someone suggested that I use this post to play Today’s Flowers, too. So that’s what I’m doing! I’ve never played before, and I hope this qualifies.

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More Disney Characters in RED

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More Disney Characters In RED

A few weeks ago, my Ruby Tuesday entry consisted of some Disney’s Ladies in RED. Well, the post was really popular, and folks seemed to like it so much, I decided to dig around in my photos and see if I could find any other Disney characters that were sportin’ a little RED.

First up is a little guy we all know and love – it’s Pooh! Can’t you just hear him saying, “Oh, bother!” as he floats up, up and away? Can you find the “hidden” Mickey in this photo?

Next up – why, it’s Hook and Smee! Hook is everyone favorite Disney pirate. Okay, he’s not quite as good-looking as Johnny Depp, so maybe he takes a back seat to Captain Jack Sparrow these days. But he’s still quite dashing in his all-CRIMSON ensemble, while the faithful Smee stands by with his fashionable RED headgear. In this photo, I’ve kindly pointed out the “hidden” Mickey.

Our final image was captured at Downtown Disney, in the big World of Disney store, in the room where they sell the pin collections and the watches and such. This is the hand of possibly the earliest of Disney’s “Villains” characters to appear on the silver screen. Snow White premiered in 1938, and it is she for whom the poisoned apple is intended.

“Go on. Go on, have a bite.”

In a few more weeks, I’ll be headed to Walt Disney World in Orlando once again. I’ll be going there with different eyes this time, now that I’ve been playing with photo memes. I’ll be looking for lots of red for Ruby Tuesday and lots of sky for Skywatch Friday. Not to mention, lots and lots of critters, both real and imaginary, for Camera Critters.

Oh, and I’ll be mobile photo blogging a good deal of the time as well! Stay tuned, it’s coming SOON!

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Disney’s Ladies in RED

Β© Copyright 2008 Tink *~*~*

Disney’s Ladies in RED
Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida

Rifling through my picture directories from the past 4 years or so, looking for suitable fodder for Ruby Tuesday (hosted at Work of the Poet by Mary/The Teach), I began to notice a pattern – Disney’s Ladies In RED!

First up is Disney’s most famous REDhead since carrot-topped Peter Pan – it’s Ariel, aka The Little Mermaid. Please notice that Ariel’s best friend, Sebastian the lobster, is also sportin’ da ruby hue.  πŸ˜€   Photo taken at Disney-MGM Studios, oops I mean Disney’s Hollywood Studios – May 2005
  Here’s one of my favorites – it’s my girl Mulan, a true Disney hero, with her faithful guardian, Mushu. She’s BETTER than a Disney Princess; she saved all of China from the Huns! Someday, I will treat you all to my feminist rant in praise of Mulan’s shedding of the trappings of femininity. But not today. This was taken in EPCOT outside the China pavilion, which is pretty much entirely RED on the outside, February 2008.


It’s Minnie Mouse, all decked out for the Flower and Garden Festival, with Mickey by her side in equal RED splendor.  Now, you have to admit that they are both stylin’ to the max as topiaries! EPCOT, April 2004.


Here she is, the other strong female non-Princess Disney character. She’s Mary Poppins, and she’s practically perfect in every way, right down to her use of THE power color, RED! Taken during a parade at the Magic Kingdom, May 2005


“Shift yer cargo dearie, show them yer starboard side….”   It’s the very famous “We Wants The REDhead” from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in the Magic Kingdom.  Photo taken October 2005.

Well, there they are – my Disney Ladies in RED.   And there’s only one princess among them.  Hah!  I hope you enjoyed this Ruby Tuesday offering.  See ya real soon!